Why Teach Internationally?

by Anders Bruihler / Oct 05, 2012 / 1 comments

When I was younger, I wanted to do many different things.  At different times I wanted to be a detective, an inventor, an engineer, or a programmer.  Now another idea has appeared, something that my mom and dad have done for the past three years and many more before that. 


Teaching.  I have always been good at math and interested in science, and working with kids can be a lot of fun, too.  More specifically, teaching at international schools.


I think that I would prefer international schools to ones in the US. For the last three years, I have lived in Montenegro and have gone to a tiny international school there.  I had a much better time in Montenegro than being in the public schools in the US, because I received much more attention.  There were more fun things that we did, and because the class was smaller, we were all able to discuss things and talk much more.  My mom said she likes international teaching better, because she is able to have more time with each kid.  There is also much more freedom in teaching.  And at international schools, I would have a chance to travel around the world. 


teaching internationally


Having lots of travel experience would make me a much better teacher.  I would get to know more cultures and places, and would greatly expand my view of the world.  I could pass those experiences on to my students, who would better understand whatever I am teaching.  And understanding things better is always good! 


I would also be able to be more global in my teaching.  Knowing more cultures, I would respect each student more and I would try to be fair to all different cultures in my teaching.  I would pass on my respect of all cultures to my students as well. 


A wider view of the world and cultures is always good to have, especially when you are teaching the important people of tomorrow.  Travelling would give me that to pass on to my students. 



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  • Stasia Lopez

    11 years 8 months ago

    Anders, I loved reading your post about why to teach internationally. It's something I'm still thinking about doing in the future. I get asked all the time by students at the university I work at how they can get more experience living and working abroad and teaching internationally is always one of the options! Thank you for your post and keep up the great work!

    Anastasia R.D. Lopez

    Global Education Editor, Wandering Educators

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