6 Last Minute Gifts for Foodies

by Asako Maruoka /
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Dec 18, 2012 / 0 comments

All of those resolutions to get your shopping done by Thanksgiving are now a moot point. You've still got presents to get - and the holidays are drawing near! If you've got foodies on your gift list, you're good to go - there is a plethora of great items to get, that they will LOVE.

1. Ethnic foods. Whether it is a spice package from IndianBlend.com or your local Indian grocery store, or an assortment of noodles from an Asian store - complete with sauces - you can't go wrong with delicious foods from around the world.  Extra bonus if you can get them from an ethnic store that carries beverages, as well. How about Guava soda? Mugicha? I especially love global candy, in all their amazing and strange flavors - and wonderful copy.


Butter salt candy



2. Obscure cooking tools. What I've always wanted is a Mexican Molcajete. I know, dream on, right? But if your foodie friend (or spouse!) loves to make Mexican food, then the heavy stone molcajete is a great idea. How about a HUGE noodle strainer, from a Chinese grocery? If they love pasta, consider a new drying rack or noodle cutter to replace their rickety old one (better check first to make sure it isn't their great-grandma's, in which case, move to plan b...).


Mexican molcajete



3. Wine. There are all kinds of great wine offers with shipping available. You can get a Christmas mix, or wines from a certain geographic region. You could focus on dessert wines, or reds, or champers. And we all know that wine, well, makes the holidays merrier.


4. Knives. And a sharpener. 'Nuff said.


5. Linens. I love - and collect - linens from around the world. Every time we use my napkins from Provence, I am transported. Likewise with the tablecloth lovingly brought as a gift from my friend in Russia. I also have Irish linen placemats, Japanese tea towels, and a whole closet full of global textiles. Don't worry - there's always room for more.


6. Dishes. Oh. Yes. Because nothing showcases good food more than beautiful dishes! When we make sushi, I bring out my Japanese plates. When I make tagine, out comes the Moroccan clay tagine. You'll find that foodies LOVE dishes. So head to your local ethnic store (or shop online) and poke around in that last aisle, where the non-food items are. You'll be surprised at what you find there - you might get gifts for everyone on your list (and yourself) in one fell swoop.