6 Ways to Save Money on Travel

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One of the best reasons to save money on travel is that you'll have MORE money to travel! The more travel you do, the happier you are (at least, that's the way it is for me). I am always looking to tips and tricks to save money - here are some of my best ways to save money on travel:

6 Ways to Save Money on Travel

1. Research

Do your research! Find out which airlines are less expensive to fly into. Learn which cities are less expensive but offer similar attractions. Look online for deals, which can help you both with deciding WHERE to go, and save you a lot of money. Look online and find an apartment to rent, instead of staying at a hotel. Read the local newspapers online, and find free concerts and events to attend.


2. Travel in the Shoulder Season

Travel in high season is the most expensive. Travel in the shoulder season to save a bundle. Heading to Ireland? Don't go in summer, when it is most crowded and most expensive. Visit in September, when the weather is still good, there are less crowds, and prices are much less. Same goes for all other tourist destinations around the world. Plan your trips wisely and you'll save a bundle.


3. Which mode of transportation is cheapest?

Well, I'm not about to swim to Ireland, so there's not much choice for saving money there. But if you're traveling IN a country, you can certainly assess the costs of driving, train, and airfare. Depending on where you are, and what options are available, you can save a lot of money. In Europe, there are many discount airlines that make everything else seem expensive.


4. Coupons

I mentioned this before, and I am always looking online to save money. You can find coupon codes for just about anything - luggage, vitamins, photos, clothes, and more. If I buy anything online, I look for a coupon first. If you're driving in the US, you can also find printed coupons at the very first state-run rest area on the main highways. We've saved tons of money on hotels and restaurants just from those free coupon booklets.


5. Meet locals

Use a hospitality network like Tripping or Couchsurfing to meet locals, when you travel. They'll give sage advice on where to eat, play, and hang out. An added benefit is that you'll meet new friends! Be open to conversations at coffeeshops, grocery stores, etc - you might be surprised and find yourself invited to a wedding!


5. Live like the locals - shop the markets

YOu don't always have to eat out (which can cost a bundle). Buy a baguette and cheese in Paris. Shop the local farmer's markets and make a picnic. Eat at street food stalls, and get a taste of the real culture without spending a fortune. You'll learn more about a culture through the grocery store and markets than through any restaurant. Plus, it's always exciting to try new foods, and bring home something you love.


Kenmare Market

Olives, Kenmare Market, Ireland


How do you save money on travel?