5 Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Getaway

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If you find that all your holiday memories are blurring into one, then it is time to go somewhere out of the ordinary. Sometimes going to a place to experience something which is the complete opposite of what one would consider 'normal' is necessary in order to make some sense of life.

Here are five perfect destinations which you will never forget.

5 Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Getaway

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is often labelled as an exquisite European city deep in the wilderness of Africa. Exploring the tightly-knit city centre is a great treat, as the surrounding areas are beautiful, with prominent spots such as the local harbour, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, and so on - all of which can be completely covered on foot. The local cuisine is fuelled by the port city’s astounding variety of fish supply. A visit to the bay, where Cape fur seals drag themselves onto the buoys underneath the waterfront’s footpaths, is a must.
Cape Town, South Africa. From 5 Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Getaway


This ice-covered continent is as far away from normal life as anyone can be. Accessible for two-week visits only from November-March, in Antarctica, there are no towns, villages, states, or considerable human population – just some research stations and excursion huts. What’s on offer in abundance is majestic, ice-cold, and erratic wilderness. Even people cruising through Antarctica in a tour group will be able to find solitude here. While penguins are touted as the star attraction, outdoor enthusiasts can frequently spot giant whales, albatrosses, dolphins, and seals along the banks of the continent.
Antarctica. From 5 Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Getaway


The Caribbean paradise of Cuba is not only famous for its iconic capital Havana - there are numerous extraordinary diving spots, the magnificent Cuban reef alongside the famous Bay of Pigs, the Jardinesde la Reina, and many other exotic locations to visit. All of these places have been amazingly well-preserved, making it one of the finest places to go for a memorable getaway.

The Punta Frances, located in Cuba’s fabulous “pirate coast,” is amongst the more than a few must-visits this isle has to offer for holiday makers looking to dive or snorkel. Overall, the island of Cuba presents tourists with the perfect combination of coral reefs, great food, a vibrant lifestyle and tons of exotic marine animals. There are lots of accommodation options in Cuba, and one of the main ways to ensure a memorable holiday is to stay in quirky accommodation. Get a room with a balcony and you can enjoy looking out at the historic buildings, or beautiful sea view.
Cuba. From 5 Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Getaway


If relaxing on beautiful beaches and getting lost in ancient historical landmarks is one’s idea of a getaway, visiting Italy is a must. Get lost in the fancy streets of Milan, or spend the afternoons exploring ancient ruins in Sicily. What makes Italy even more enticing are the beach resorts in Vicenza – the best place to gorge on Italian delicacies. Spend some time in the mountains - the views from up there will certainly be unforgettable.
Italy. From 5 Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Getaway

New Zealand

Tourists have the option of either walking or mountaineering their way across the majestic island. The best way to experience New Zealand’s awesome nature, however, is to go on 4 to 8-hour hiking trips on the ‘Great Walks’ of New Zealand. You can go paragliding, or even bungee jump in Queenstown. And, of course, there is always Hobbiton...
New Zealand. From 5 Perfect Destinations for a Memorable Getaway

These places rub off on the traveller in a unique way, making the trip both relaxing and enlightening!