5 Reasons Why Mexico Is The Ultimate Vacation

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What we look for in a travel destination will vary from person to person - it’s for that reason that ranking the best vacation destinations is futile. However, Mexico arguably caters to just about anyone, no matter who they are or what they enjoy doing. It is for this reason why it’s perhaps the ultimate holiday destination.

Whether you’re looking for 5* hotels in Mexico or ancient ruins, Mexico has you covered.

View of a rocky and sandy beach in Mexico, blue sky behind. From 5 Reasons Why Mexico Is The Ultimate Vacation

Natural Wonders, Paradise Beaches, & Luxury
Mexico is a nature lover's dream, offering a diverse range of stunning landscapes. When we think of idyllic paradise places like Bora Bora, Mexico has the landscapes to match. The country is home to majestic mountain ranges, lush rainforests, vast deserts, and some of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world. 

So, whilst the beach bums will make use of the 9,330 kilometer coastline with incredible waters, the nature lovers enjoy the ethereal beauty of the Sumidero Canyon and the surrealistic gardens of Las Pozas. 

With access to the Carribbean sea, it makes sense that Mexico has a booming luxury market too, with many 5* resorts to choose from. Sunbathing, unlimited cocktails, and coral reefs make it the perfect romantic getaway.

Cultural Heritage
For those looking for culture more so than sunbathing, Mexico's rich cultural heritage is one of its most appealing qualities. This is home to ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs - the country is dotted with incredible archaeological sites. Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, and Palenque are must-visit locales that hold clues to Mexico's mystical past.

It’s not just ancient cultures that are stunning - Mexico is also known for its colorful festivities like the Day of the Dead and the Guelaguetza Festival. The locals' passionate celebration of life, traditions, and heritage will make you feel a part of the culture.

World Famous Food
If a stunning environment and culturally rich history wasn’t enough, Mexico offers some world-class cuisine too. Mexican cuisine, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, is globally celebrated, making it perfect for foodies.

From street food staples like tacos and tamales to regional specialities such as the mole poblano of Puebla and Yucatan's cochinita pibil, every dish is a culinary journey. 

For those with a sweet tooth, Mexican desserts like churros and flan are heavenly delights. Pair it all with a glass of tequila or mezcal, and you've got the recipe for a memorable night.

Friendly Folk
Mexicans are known for their warm and hospitable nature. They take pride in their culture, traditions, and country, meaning they are eager to share it with visitors. 

Mexicans have an infectious cheerfulness that makes you feel welcome, along with speaking the widely used Spanish language. This makes it somewhat accessible for holidaymakers to interact with locals and see how kind they really are, because many people know a little bit of Spanish.

To top it off, the final reason that Mexico is the perfect vacation is because it’s affordable. Usually, Maldives and Seychelles-level beauty comes at a severe cost, but in Mexico, prices are low-to-mid range. Compared to other tourist hotspots, Mexico offers more bang for your buck, certainly, and the local towns are not overrun by tourism and tourist prices.

And so, that wraps up why Mexico is the ultimate travel destination. There are some other contenders too, like Thailand and Turkey, but we feel that Mexico has it all - and has it all-year-round, too.