5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket

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May 22, 2022 / 0 comments

Let’s be honest. It’s spring, we want to get in the water. But what to do when Lake Michigan is still quite brisk, but you can’t help yourself? 

5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket

Water temps in the low 30s...

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Enter Wear Graphene, a company with an extraordinary heated jacket with new, game-changing technology

Wear Graphene’s Gamma is the first-ever all-season, all-climate jacket. Infused with graphene and equipped with built-in heaters, Gamma is a lightweight jacket that provides full climate protection from below freezing to warm temperatures. It functions as a winter coat, a jacket, a windbreaker, a raincoat, and a leisure jacket.

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I’d never heard of a heated graphene jacket, but once I discovered the Gamma jacket, the possibilities seemed endless. My husband walks every morning year-round, and whether it’s on the windswept WMU tech campus or through our woods, he now never gets cold. He even takes care of his Raynauld’s by keeping his hands in the toasty warm front pockets.

Of COURSE during my first spring visit to Lake Michigan, I wanted to walk barefoot along the water’s edge…it had been 7 months since I had last done so! Even with the playful wind and water temps in the low 30s, I was warm enough to stay for hours, sitting on a driftwood log tossed ashore. 

My feet might have been cold in the water, but I was toasty warm. 

5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket

Thank you, Wear Graphene, for bringing being comfortable outside in all seasons to us! 

Note: when it’s below freezing (especially with a wind chill), you’ll either need to layer underneath or bring an arctic temp coat to wear atop. (Props to our beloved, chilly upper-midwest winters!)

We caught up with Alec N. over at Wear Graphene, to learn more about this amazing technology and innovative jacket. Here’s what he had to say:

Please tell us about your Wear Graphene jackets...
Gamma is an all-season jacket infused with nanoparticle graphene, the strongest and thinnest material on Earth.
Graphene's potential for a wide range of applications has earned it the name "supreme graphene" as well as a Nobel Prize.

Graphene seems like magic! How did you discover this, and brainstorm how to use it in a jacket?
Wear Graphene has operations in Seattle and in Hong Kong, where it has a lab and manufacturers that work exclusively with graphene and textiles. The company was founded in 2015 by scientists who have been studying graphene since its discovery in 2004.

What might readers be surprised to discover about your graphene jackets?
Our Gamma jacket is waterproof, damage-proof, and windproof. Almost nothing can break through graphene. Gamma is strong enough to repel knife punctures and to withstand serious wear and tear. And it will not permit cold air or moisture to enter.

I found your prototype process fascinating. What key elements were you striving for?
Gamma's graphene-infused fabric has benefits for users living in any part of the world.

Graphene offers temperature control that mimics human skin. The nano lattice distributes heat around the jacket to keep you warm in cold weather. When it's warm, it wicks moisture and expels excess heat to cool you down.

For extremely cold weather (temperatures below freezing), Gamma has built-in heaters. By connecting a power bank to an inner pocket, the wearer can adjust the temperature of the jacket. Graphene then distributes the heat from the heaters around the torso. Despite Gamma's weight of about 500 g (1.1 lbs), it's able to keep you warm even in extremely cold weather.

How can readers find Wear Graphene socials? 
Readers can connect with us on our IG, handle is @weargraphene

5 reasons why we love Wear Graphene

5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket

Graphene is MAGIC

Two researchers at The University of Manchester, Professor Andre Geim and Professor Kostya Novoselov, discovered graphene...and won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering work. 

This thin material is lightweight and supple, but offers:
• High electrical and conductivity resistance 
• Thermal conductor
• Water repellency 
• High modulus of elasticity
• Low density
• Hardness 
• Mechanical strength

Want to scientifically geek out even more? Read this all about the magical properties of graphene here

Keeps you warm (and cool)

There are heating elements in the front and back of the Gamma jacket; the sleeves are unheated. There are three heat levels to choose from, to adjust to the weather and your particular needs at the moment. The jacket takes a minute to warm up. Attach the strongest power bank you have for long-lasting heat. My quick charge phone power bank that I keep in my purse for emergencies depleted quickly, so I switched to a more powerful one and was able to stay on the cold beach for hours.

Graphene keeps you cool by the very breathability of the fabric, wicking away heat (and odors) so you can keep going.

It's strong

Graphene is SO STRONG, it can take a slash (but let’s not). Closer to home, one could, perhaps, be playing throw the driftwood and bring it back with their dog and accidentally get chomped by enthusiastic teeth. NO BIG…from experience.

It's light

This lightweight, flexible jacket can easily fit into your purse, backpack, or carryon. It feels like you’re wearing a jacket pajama, it’s so comfortable and light. I don’t like bulky jackets (unless it’s during a blizzard. Needs must.), and want to be able to move my arms freely to throw that stick. 

The Gamma jacket is adjustable, too, with a hood with drawstring, drawstring at the waist, and extended fabric sleeves with Velcro to keep you warm. It's the perfect travel jacket, and has a classic design that will fit in anywhere you go, from the beach to the woods to museums and restaurants.

It’s windproof and waterproof

The wind off Lake Michigan can be quite forceful. Even the zippers didn’t leak air through, and I felt as if I could stay on the beach for even longer—if I hadn’t been hungry, and the sun was setting.

Lake Michigan sunset. From 5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket


What can we say? Pockets are everything! This jacket has TEN pockets, all with clever, flat, water-resistant zippers like I’ve never seen before. 

Need a place for your AirPods, reading glasses, passport, or ID cards? The pockets are located on the front top chest area (both inside and out), the arms (up high and down low), and of course 2 pockets at waist-level to keep your hands warm.

5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket

Here’s how to get started with your Wear Graphene Gamma Jacket

Before it arrives, charge your portable USB-A power bank. That way, when you’ve got the Gamma jacket in hand, you’re ready to go.

Inside on the right is a pocket with a cord to plug into your power bank. Plug it in, tuck the power bank into its pocket—and zip, and you’re ready to go. Push the power button to whichever of the 3 heat levels you desire.

Maybe it’s warmer out and you don’t need the power? Never fear: it’s a perfect windy day in a rainstorm option, keeping you completely dry.

Internal powerbank. From 5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket

Highly recommended.

5 Reasons Why We Love Wear Graphene's Heated Waterproof Jacket

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