Airport Hotel & Parking Packages: The New Travel Hack

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Airport travel comes with many inconveniences: long TSA lines, delayed flights, and all of the packing and preparing you need to do before your trip. We’re exhausted just thinking about it! But what if you could experience a couple hours of peace before your travel begins? That’s where ParkSleepFly comes in. This website offers airport hotel & parking packages so that you can park your car at the hotel for the duration of your trip AND get a good night’s sleep before heading to the airport. Sounds nice, right?

 Airport Hotel & Parking Packages: The New Travel Hack

This would definitely appeal to residents with a long drive to the airport. Say you live 5 hours from the airport and have a 7am flight (making your airport call time 5am). You would have to leave your house at midnight to get to the airport and be left exhausted by the time you got on the plane. Not fun. With a ParkSleepFly package, you can arrive at your hotel the day (or night) before your flight, sleep, and in the wee hours of the morning, awake refreshed with only a short shuttle ride to the airport. 

You don’t have to live far to take advantage of such a package. Weather, construction and accidents can cause heavy traffic and road delays. And while you’re stuck bumper to bumper, your flight is hitting the tarmac. Anticipating these road blocks and planning additional time before your boarding time can eleviate a lot of stress. Utilize a park, sleep and fly package, and you can take your time getting the airport early, and relax. 

Of course, this type of package isn’t for everyone (i.e. people who live 5 min. down the road), but it certainly has its perks - especially if you're traveling with kids. ParkSleepFly offers packages across the US at all major airports, including our local hub, Chicago O’Hare. Many packages offer free parking for the duration of your trip (free airport parking?!), and all offer complimentary shuttle service to-and-from the airport. If your plans change, cancellations are easy and free. All things considered, your next trip might start early…. at an airport hotel! You'll start your flight relaxed, refreshed, and happy. Best travel hack, ever!