Bocconcino: Phuket’s finest gelateria

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When we met chef Alessandro Frau at his restaurant Acqua, he informed us that he recently opened a café and import store in Surin. Delighted by the prospect of procuring more truffle oil, we finally ventured to Bocconcino and discovered not only does it offer an array of Italian gourmet foods, but it happens to have the best gelato in Phuket. From fig to hazelnut, Alessandro’s gelato is creamy and authentic, and pairing it with their iced Illy coffee makes for one of the finest afternoon treats one can experience on the island.


Apart from the seriously addictive gelato and coffee, Bocconcino has freshly made bread and fine Italian cheeses and meets. From fresh mozzarella to anchovies, the popular hangout is a tempting option for Panini lovers and families craving some European style sandwiches. Alessandro is known for using the freshest produce and products in his restaurant, and he takes this stance with Bocconcino as well: all of the olive oil, pasta, and vegetables are either organic or of the highest quality available. His mascarpone is so good it makes the trip from Chalong to Surin worth the journey!


Bocconcino, Phuket, Thailand           


The island’s Italian residents are now gravitating from their various haunts throughout Phuket to Surin to get their fix of Italian wine. Although many fine wines can be found throughout the island, Bocconcino brings an emphasis to small and unique vineyards from rural Italy. They happen to carry our favorite prosecco from when we lived in Cortona.


Even if you aren’t staying in Surin, make sure to take a drive to Bocconcino to have a memorable meal and friendly conversation with the staff. You’ll most probably go home carrying loads of goodies that you’ll enjoy indulging in!



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