Breathtaking Scenes on the Trans-Siberian Railway

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Whether this is your first trip to Russia, or if you already know your way around the best of Eastern Europe, you must plan your Trans-Siberian railway trip! Not only will you experience traveling on the longest railway line, but you will also get to enjoy the spectacular nature of Russia at every stop. Now, let’s see what a few of them are...

Breathtaking Scenes on the Trans-Siberian Railway


A stunning city, surrounded by wooded hills and sitting right next to the Ural Mountains, is famous for its breathtaking architecture, museums, monasteries, and other establishments of the country’s heritage. You should definitely try walking across the “Red Line,” a pedestrian route introducing the city’s historic center. Some of the most loved tourist attractions are closely related to the murder of Russia’s last tsar, Nicolas II, so we suggest taking a guided trip for some background of these unique places. 

Yekaterinburg. From Breathtaking Scenes on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is a natural gem and one of the most famous sights to see on your Trans-Siberian railway trip. This is the largest freshwater lake in the whole world, with clear, pure water and stunning surroundings. Unfortunately, although Baikal is safe enough for swimming, it is usually way too cold for that. However, you can always have a picnic near the shore to stretch your legs after a long trip on the train, or, if you never get tired, take up kayaking! 

Lake Baikal. From Breathtaking Scenes on the Trans-Siberian Railway g


That’s right! You can easily reach the capital of China, although it will be a long trip. However, the moment you get off at your stop, all of it will be worth it. The absolutely spectacular city of culture and lights, also a perfect mixture of both modern designs and ancient sites, Beijing can be the highlight of your trip. Visit such colossal places as the Forbidden Palace, which was once considered a divine place, prohibited for ordinary people, or visit the Great Wall of China, one of the most remarkable historical monuments in the world. 

Great Wall of China. From Breathtaking Scenes on the Trans-Siberian Railway


If you are thirsty for some truly breathtaking sights, make sure to stop at Harbin, China. The city is more exciting in the wintertime, so pick your time with that in mind. It carries out the biggest and most stunning ice festival. You will get to see translucent ice blocks and statues with a height of over 50 meters. The festival’s highlight is the revelation of 35 meter-tall and 200 meter-long ice sculpture of an ice maiden, a cathedral, and a Russian church. It looks like it has been brought straight from a fairytale! Apart from the festival, you will also be able to wander around and simply enjoy the mixture of Soviet and Chinese architecture.

Harbin. From Breathtaking Scenes on the Trans-Siberian Railway


Spread on the banks of River Kazanka and River Volga, Kazan is a city worth exploring. Get wrapped into the picturesque squares and palaces, such as the famous Tatar fortress, a Kazan Kremlin Complex. The city is a perfect blend between Christian and Muslim communities, with Russian Orthodox Cathedrals and Mosques standing side by side. The peaceful coexistence between the two neighborhoods is evident wherever you go, so set some time to simply walk around and inhale the culture of Kazan. 

Kazan. From Breathtaking Scenes on the Trans-Siberian Railway

These are just five of many magnificent places to see while on your Trans-Siberian railway trip. Do some research on what interests you, carefully pick a route, grab a friend, and set off on the most exciting holiday ever!