Cool and Easy Certifications to Earn While Traveling the World

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Whether you want to remain in the education field when you are done traveling or whether you are ready to try a new career, you can use your time away from the classroom to improve your credentials and receive various certifications that can increase your earning potential. There are all sorts of online programs that you can complete on your own schedule, which means that you can fit your courses amidst your travels and adventures, so you are fully qualified for whatever career you choose when you return home. Some of the more interesting certifications — which are relatively quick and easy to earn — include:

Cool and Easy Certifications to Earn While Traveling the World

Medical Coding
Though every interaction between healthcare provider and patient is completely unique, the healthcare system must standardize services to ease the burden of communicating with insurance providers and issuing bills. That’s where medical coders come in. A certification in medical billing and coding equips you with the skills you need to translate all manner of utterly unique — and sometimes bizarre — medical interactions into simple alpha-numeric codes. Medical coders can work hourly, which is excellent for educators looking for a side hustle, or on a salary basis, and they can earn upwards of $28 per hour or about $57,000 per year.

Real Estate
The earning potential of real estate agents has been somewhat of a well-known secret for some time now. With the value of properties skyrocketing, a single home sale promises to earn an agent tens of thousands of dollars, and a hardworking realtor can sell dozens of homes every month. You can become certified as a real estate agent in your home state from anywhere in the world by taking online courses, and you may even be able to work as a remote agent for certain types of clients. How much you earn as a real estate agent depends on how much time you are willing to devote to the career, but you could create a life as glamorous as the agents on “Selling Sunset.”

IT Support
We are firmly within the Digital Age, which means that almost every organization large or small relies on digital systems — as well as legions of tech whizzes to keep those digital systems functioning properly. Demand for IT workers is at an all-time high, and becoming qualified to work as a part of an IT team can be as easy as completing an online bootcamp at your own pace, which of course you can do as you travel. Many IT jobs allow you to work remotely, as well, so you may be able to continue your wandering ways while earning a tech salary, which may be as high as six figures per year.

Court Reporting
There is often an overlap between those engaged in careers in education and those who feel passionately about true crime. Fortunately, you can become involved in the action of the criminal justice system without fully abandoning your role as a teacher by becoming certified as a court reporter. Court reporters are those professionals who transcribe every word of legal proceedings, like trials, mediation, depositions and more. You can work as a freelance court reporter and earn about $30 per hour, and an increasing number of legal proceedings occur digitally, which means you may be able to work from anywhere in the world.

Web Design
Despite the proliferation of drag-and-drop website creators, most companies want unique and professional websites to showcase products and engage customers. Thus, web designers remain in high demand. The web design industry is almost entirely remote, and you can learn the basic skills required to build a website from scratch through online boot camps, which means you never need to abandon your nomadic lifestyle if you take up a web design career. Even better, with experience you can begin to take home annual earnings of six figures — though it may take some time to build your portfolio and network.

Personal Training
Fitness is a booming industry, and nearly everyone wants tips and tricks for making exercise easy, accessible and fun. If you feel passionately about moving your body, you can become a certified personal trainer in several different fields over the course of a few weekends, which means you can get clients started on their fitness journeys ASAP. There are several different ways to take a career in personal training, from offering online classes and livestreams to creating in-person fitness communities; with such great flexibility comes a great range of potential incomes, so you can get out what you put into your personal training experience.