Crater Lake

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We love the work of our BC Editor, Curtis Cunningham. He's a photographer with an EYE. Now, one might argue that all photographers have that eye, but Curtis is something special. He's got a GREAT new ebook out that showcases the beauty of Crater Lake, on Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, BC.

Curtis is a pro at sharing both scope and depth - one photo will show an extraordinary view, while the next immortalizes some tiny Sweet William flowers. It is this juxtaposition of reality that brings Crater Lake to life - for indeed, when you are out in nature, do you only focus on ONE thing? No! You see the view, feel the rocks beneath your feet, hear the rushing water, are embraced by the brisk wind, marvel at the reflections on the water.

Speaking of, another thing I love in this book is the water. For often, when you have mountains and water together, the richness of water gets lost in the grandeur of mountains. Luckily for us readers, Curtis shares the best of both. I highly recommend this book - it's a visual treat.

We caught up with Curtis to get the backstory - take a look...

Crater Lake, by Curtis Cunningham. Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, BC

What inspired you to create this book?

To go and view Crater Lake it takes a serious commitment in both the physical exertion and time required to hike up a mountainside. I wanted to document in some manner the different aspects of all that surrounds you as you do so. It’s a place I don’t get to as often as I would like, but I wanted something to remember the times that I have made it up.

Crater Lake, on Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, BC. by photographer Curtis Cunningham

What do you hope people take away from reading your book?

Nature is unendingly beautiful and there is value in getting out and exploring. I want people to be aware that Smithers has an abundance of places with such beauty and Crater Lake is just one of the many spots they should come and visit on their next trip through Smithers.

Crater Lake, on Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, BC, by Photographer Curtis Cunningham

Crater Lake on Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, BC, by photographer Curtis Cunningham


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