Crossing the Baltic

by Anders Bruihler / Oct 01, 2012 / 0 comments

I had a great time traveling across the Baltic Sea on a ferry.  The overnight trip had many things about it that I appreciated. 


First, the accommodation.  For a low price you get airplane-like seats in a room with others.  You can get to know the person next to you.  Or bring your sleeping bag and lie on the floor, if you are quick to grab a spot.  Or if you want to have a little more privacy, you can get a private cabin with proper beds for a higher cost.


Baltic Sea Ferry



Second, the entertainment.  When I was on the cruise, the TV in the next room was showing the Olympics all night.  If you want to check the news at any time at any time, you can go and check one of the TVs during the night.  If there is any big sporting event or something similar, I suggest you bring you earplugs!


Baltic Sea Ferry


Third, the view.  At any time you can walk on the deck.  When we left we had a great last sight of Lithuania from the ferry and, in the night I had a nice view of the moon above the sea.  In the morning you can see the Swedish coast. 


Baltic Sea Ferry



Fourth, the people.  There are different people that travel on these ferries, and they are interesting.  Walk over and join a table of large truck drivers, and you can learn a lot from these well-traveled men.  There are also tons of different kinds of people with lots of different stories. 



Fifth, the food.  You can dine at the all-you-can-eat restaurant, or bring your own meal.  There are also two bars where you can get a variety of drinks. 


Baltic Sea Ferry



I had much more fun on the ferry than what I would have had on a plane.  Instead of flying, I hope you consider this other option too the next time you cross the Baltic! 





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