Culloden: From Battle To Exile

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One of the world's most horrific  and culture-changing battles was the Battle of Culloden, Scotland, in 1746.  The Battle of Culloden was the final blow for the French-supported Jacobite cause, and signaled the rise of the House of Stuart and the Kingdom of Great Britain. Thousands of Scots and French died in the battle, and it changed the course of Scottish history forever.  In the last few years, a visitor center has opened at Culloden, near the site of the battle. In a few weeks, they are presenting a new exhibit, called From Battle to Exile....

Explore Culloden and its consequences for the world during Scotland's Homecoming year

A major event, exploring the Battle of Culloden and its far-reaching
consequences for Scotland and its people, takes place at the National Trust
for Scotland's award-winning Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre this May.


'From Battle to Exile' which takes place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 May,
has been designed to give visitors the chance to explore the events and
context of the battle in depth, and to raise awareness of the impact that
the tragic battle had on Scotland and its people.


Funded by Homecoming Scotland, the event programme includes costumed
presentations about weaponry and social circumstances, and also gives
visitors the chance to put themselves in the place of a person living in
1745, faced with making the same difficult choices. There will also be
music from Bruce MacGregor and Brian O'headra, storytelling for children
and, of course, a special guided tour of the battlefield.


Property Manager Deirdre Smyth said:


"The Battle of Culloden played a pivotal role in Scotland's history and its
consequences were far-reaching, for the nation, for its people and for
individuals. In fact, the battle is one of the reasons that people with
Scottish roots spread so far across the globe.


"We will be invoking the sights and sounds of 1745 for our visitors,
transporting them back to that turbulent time in Scotland with our weaponry
demonstrations and descriptions of clan life. During this year of
Homecoming, we felt it was important to give people from near and far an
insight and understanding of the complexity and consequences of the


From Battle to Exile takes place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 May. Standard
entry charges apply. The battlefield tour costs £3. For more information
call 0844 493 2159 or visit

Other events this year include:
Culloden: One Short Hour that Changed the World - June 13-14, 2009
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Photos - Thanks to the National Trust for Scotland - Culloden Battlefield