Earning Money While Traveling: A Time-Tested Career On the Road

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Do you want to travel all the time - and get paid?

I've got a time-tested career for you that you might have overlooked in your research (not everyone is a digital nomad).

What career am I mentioning?

A Truck Driver! It can be a lucrative and adventurous career - one that takes you on an endless road trip!

Earning Money While Traveling: A Time-Tested Career On the Road

A truck driver is the person responsible for moving goods from one location to another in a large truck. Even though a driver is subjected to long driving hours, it is a good career for a person with the taste for adventure or the drive to challenge yourself. A truck driver’s salary is also competitive - among some of the best-paid jobs. 

Before becoming a truck driver, you have to pass rigorous tests, exams, and obtain certification programs. Also, truck drivers are expected to ensure safe delivery of these goods within a specific time frame and without any issue. Drivers must plan legally required rests within their trips, even if they are not exhausted. Finally, they must follow all safety regulations and all traffic laws, and carry along appropriate safety equipment in case of an accident. Here's more information on this travel career:

This is a suitable career for persons craving for independence at work. Out there on the road, you are the boss. You feel like listening to music at full volume, taking a break, calling a friend, or wearing clothes of your choice? Go right ahead. The only thing that matters is finishing the job on time - YOU have full creative control along the way

It provides benefits to you and your family
Most logistics companies offer insurance coverage to the driver and their entire family so that in the event uncertainties happens, then the driver or the family is compensated. In addition to this, the driver acquires excellent financial security.

Job security
Logistics companies are booming. With this increase, the estimated number of truck drivers needed to carry out  distribution is very high. For example, in Canada, it’s estimated that tens of thousands of truck driving jobs are available. Interested? Chances are high that youare likely to land in well-paying job quickly.

Easy on the body
Comparatively, a truck driving job is easier than some jobs, such as construction, where individuals have to lift heavy loads for a sustained period of time. For a truck driver, braving long seating hours and constant concentration is the prerequisite condition, but of course, there are breaks within trips for refreshments, exploring, etc.

Competitive salary
First-year drivers can make $45,000 - $55,000 or more, depending on their ability - all while traveling. The salary of a driver depends on several factors:
• The route you drive: Drivers that cover longer distances are likely to take more days along the way, and will thus earn more, as compared to those covering shorter distances. 
• Where you trained: In trucking, you get what you pay for. Drivers who come out of school knowing how to drive a truck, and not just the bare threshold required to pass a driver’s test, are likely to earn more.  

Life on the road
Imagine a life of endless road trips - how wonderful is this? A life on the road can provide much security - and adventure.

Have you thought about this career?