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Are you looking for a stylish, affordable, and functional bag? Have you ever seriously considered the fashion value of recycled plastic? Haiku bags has solved the problem of what to do with all those empty beverage bottles, and in the process created a colorful, stylish and functional line of bags and accessories.


Haiku bags are made from 100% post-consumer beverage bottles. Yep 100%. Not only does this reduce the plastic in landfills, but the dyes are non toxic. And believe it or not, the fabric is soft and comfy. Most of the straps can be converted from over the shoulder to cross-body. No more losing stuff inside your bag, as Haiku bags have interior colors and designs that make it easy to find things.


Haiku bags



The bag they sent me is the To-Go Bag in Sienna. I love the bright orange color, all the pockets, and the magnetic closure. There's room for the most essential things you carry, like your iPad or a small notebook, cell phone, a water bottle, keys, wallet, and a few personal items. There are three zip pockets (front, back and interior), plus a small side pocket. Personally I like the convenience of that back zip pocket. I can carry the stuff I want to have quick and easy access to, like my cell phone, a small wallet, and my glasses and it also feels safe and secure. My camera and lens will fits nicely in the interior, so I'm good to go. I don't think it was intended as a camera bag but it works for me.


On a recent trip I spotted a woman in the Madrid airport carrying the To Go bag, in the same color. I asked her where she purchased it and she said, "REI" and gave it two thumbs up.


A bag that intrigues me is the Handle Bar Tote. As you may have guessed, it straps on to your bicycle handlebar and is large enough to cary your iPad and has a key fob attachment. Since this company was founded in Berkley, I bet they are going to sell a lot of these bags! The Handle Bar Tote will be available later this year.


With a full range of sizes and styles you can find a Haiku bag for daily use, or a weekend trip. There's an iPad sleeve with a handle and velcro flap, a zip wallet that will hold 12+ credit cards, and smaller pouches and sling type bags for the minimalist.


I also like the website, easy to navigate with lots of pictures and most importantly, views of the interiors of the bags. Don't you just hate it when you can't see the inside of a bag?


To order your bag or get more information, head to


Haiku founder Sharon Eisenhauer uses "natural design elements like florals, with silhouettes that have the perfect number of pockets, use comfortable and sustainable fabrics and will hold up over time." I couldn't have said it better.



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