Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers

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For families with older teenagers, consider adding an educational component to your next family trip. Educational adventures will not only foster curiosity about different places, but your kids will also learn a thing or two about the world around them, broadening their perspectives in life. Read on for some suggestions on educational adventures for older teenagers.

Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers

Visit Countries Rich in History

If you tell your teens you are taking them on an educational trip, they will probably groan and complain. But if you tell them you're going to explore some of the world's most beautiful countries rich in history, they will surely be thrilled. There's so much history to discover around the world, with numerous destinations offering your teens a chance to immerse in history without realizing they are learning.

Known for its rich culture and history, Italy is Europe's historical cornerstone, attracting thousands of tourists who want to discover its rich culture and heritage. Rome is home to the country's top historical sites, from the Colosseum to the Roman Forum and the Pantheon. Meanwhile, Florence has some of the most fascinating historical UNESCO World Heritage sites of Italy, such as the Piazza del Duomo, the city's main square and where you'll find the Florence Cathedral with the Cupola del Brunelleschi and the Giotto's Campanile.

Greece is another country famous for its historical marvels. Spend the day in Athens to visit the Acropolis, one of the most famous historical sites in Greece. Take your kids to the Acropolis Museum and the Benaki Museum to learn about ancient Greek civilisation and discover fascinating exhibits.

Acropolis. From Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers

Try Volunteer Programmes

Whether their school requires volunteer hours, or your teen is simply interested in giving back to the community, numerous volunteer programme opportunities are available worldwide. For instance, you can sign them up for volunteer work in Mozambique, a fascinating place home to various natural sites where fascinating wild animals thrive.

If your kids are fond of wildlife, they can volunteer at a private game reserve in Victoria Falls, where they can help preserve endangered animals, such as rhinos and other mammals. In Tanzania's Zanzibar Island, your teens can help conserve marine animals. For instance, Turtle & Coastal Conservation is an organisation that supports the conservation of Zanzibar's coral reefs and endangered marine turtles. Their task can include assisting marine biologists at a turtle hatchery and monitoring the reefs.

There are also volunteer programmes geared at supporting the community, such as the Community Development Volunteer Programmes in Madagascar. Volunteers will gain experience building and maintaining schools and undertaking vital upgrades to make houses safer and more functional.

Rhinos. From Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers

Wander the World’s Most Famous Sites

One of the best ways to educate your kids is to travel and wander the world's most famous sites. Travelling will expand your teens' world, teaching them to be more accepting towards other cultures and helping them to adapt to different situations.

The Taj Mahal in India is one of the world's most fascinating historic structures that your teens should consider visiting. It's not only a sight to behold, but it also opens a learning opportunity about India's history and the love story behind this world-famous structure. The Great Wall of China is another famous site to take your kids to. Running a long section across China, the wall is more than 13,000 miles long, completed around the 16th century, and took more than 2,000 years to build. 

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is another fascinating sight of the ancient world that your teens will find interesting to explore. These pyramids were built to house the bodies of pharaohs who ruled Egypt during ancient times. Visiting Egypt is a wonderful way for teens to learn about historical figures while sightseeing in some of the world's great wonders.

Giza. From Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers

Explore Lesser-Known Places 

While it's a great experience to visit some of the world's most famous attractions, visiting lesser-known places comes with many advantages, such as learning many new things, not to mention the thrill and excitement that comes with it. In addition, venturing off-the-beaten-path destinations will allow you to fully appreciate the place even more since you will not be sharing it with too many people.

Europe is home to some of the world's most beautiful cities. But if you're looking to explore a place outside the tourist radar, head to Estonia for a true adventure holiday, full of undiscovered areas. Lying on Estonia's northern coast, Tallinn is a picturesque city flanked by pastel-coloured buildings and home to historical sites like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, named after the saint of the Russian Orthodox church.

When holidaying in Spain, most people would head straight to Barcelona, Madrid, or Seville, overlooking Bilbao, a lovely city on Spain's north-eastern coast. The city is rich in cultural and culinary treasures and a fantastic place to indulge in mouth-watering Spanish specialities, from authentic tapas to paellas. With its modern architecture and artsy atmosphere, teenagers will have a great time wandering around Bilbao.

Guggenheim in Bilbao. From Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers

Travel to Underdeveloped Countries

Undeveloped countries are not necessarily unheard of. In fact, these so-called "third world countries" have their fair share of fascinating attractions that teenagers should visit if they want to learn more about the world. 

Laos, one of the least developed countries in Asia, is a stunning country overshadowed by its neighbour Thailand. While it doesn't have the booming attractions that its neighbour has, Laos is home to lavish temples, historic buildings, and lovely cities with a very laidback vibe. Laos is also blessed with stunning natural wonders, making it a great place to trek lush jungles and discover remote villages. 

Myanmar is another undeveloped country teenagers should consider visiting while on a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. Formerly called Burma, Myanmar is an incredibly majestic country home to scenic lakes and lush jungles peppered with thousands of temples. Trekking Myanmar's jungles and mountain villages is a fascinating way to learn more about the country. It's an opportunity to see how locals live their daily life and learn about new cultures, which is what travelling is all about.

Balloons in Bagan, Myanmar. From Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers