Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020

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If you're a lover of red and white wine, then now is a good time to visit some of the best and most productive vineyards in the world. Wine tasting tours allow you to combine travel and wine, which is one of the best combinations in the world.

You can travel via Teletext Holidays to some of the best winemaking countries in Europe. Booking in the early months increases your chances of securing a good deal, so don't delay. It is time to get your shiraz on.

With this in mind, where should you go to taste the best wine on the planet?

Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020


Thanks to its Mediterranean location, Portugal's Douro Valley and Porto make some of the finest wine in the world. Like all good winemaking regions, you'll find vineyards  of different sizes with different offerings. Many offer wine tasting tours, although it is worth checking in advance to see if you need to book ahead.

One of the great things about Portugal is the changing landscape as you head to the winemaking parts of the country.

Portugal. From Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020


Hungary may not be known for producing fine wines, but there are actually 22 vineyards in the country, many of which have been operating for centuries. One of the best can be found at Tokaj-Hegyalja. Here, the foothills of the vineyard are a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site, and the vineyard is known for producing an exquisite dessert wine. It is not a stretch to say that you should consider this vineyard a must-see.

Hungary. From Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020


Spain has several wonderful winemaking regions. Some of the best and most sought-after vineyards are located in the region of La Rioja. Here the famous noble grape or tempranillo grows, which is considered an outstanding grape for making the best wine.

Most vineyards here offer wine tasting tours but again, check to see if you need to book ahead. If you are in Spain, then ensure La Rioja - you may know the brand of the same name - is on your list of vineyards to visit.

Spain. From Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020


French wine needs no introduction. Every kind of wine can be found here, and all have that distinctive, world-famous French taste. Head southwest and you will find yourself in Bordeaux, one of the biggest wine-producing regions in Europe.

Like Bordeaux itself, wines from here are rich and deep. They are very much part of the region's zeitgeist and a big tourist draw. You should be able to book a tour in some of the best vineyards on the planet quite easily, but booking in advance is recommended.

If you want to visit a region closer to the romantic city of Paris, head to Champagne. The region produces some of the finest wine in existence. Tours will take you to the cellars where this wonderful wine is made. The cellars were dug centuries ago specifically for this purpose, which adds to the experience wonderfully.

France. From Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020


Italy knows how to make a great wine and has been doing so for thousands of years. This art has been refined since Roman times, and today there are two regions that should be on your 'winedar'.

Piedmont, in the northwest of the country, is quite a beautiful region in and of itself. Here the exquisite nebbiolo grape is harvested and used to create some of the most beautiful wines in the world. Many take in the splendid views sipping wine that was produced literally just around the corner -no doubt so will you.

If you want something a little closer to the cities of Florence and Siena, then head to Tuscany. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it has several vineyards that have been producing high-quality wine for centuries. In fact, the wine here is considered some of the best in the world. You can judge for yourself when you visit and take in a glass or two.

In both Piedmont and Tuscany, it is wise to book your tour in advance and check opening times. You don't want to be disappointed to discover a vineyard is closed when you arrive.

Italy. From Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020


Germany may surprise you as it is best known for the production of beer, predominantly lager. Mosel, in particular, is known for its fine beers but those in the know are aware that it also produces some fantastic wine.

If you want a wine tour with a difference, and perhaps want to try local beers at the same time - why wouldn't you? - Mosel is the place to come. You can combine your visit with some fine German food and wash it down with beer or wine. Now that's a holiday.

Germany. From Europe's Top Wine Tasting Landscapes for 2020

Wine tasting in Europe is a brilliant thing to do. Ensure you visit as many vineyards as possible in 2020 and enjoy life.