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I've found the best new website to combine travel and twitter, and can't wait to share it with our Wandering Educators. is the first and only site that follows all of the top travel Tweeters in one destination.  It features up-to-the-minute feeds of only the most informative, relevant, and connected bloggers, journalists, vagabonds and industry insiders Tweeting about travel today.  At, you will find true authorities on the ins and outs of the travel industry, interacting in a large and engaged community.  This new and exciting site bridges the gap between travel sites and traditional Tweets, offering a one-of-a-kind resource where users can follow and interact with the strongest voices in travel, reading about their experiences, gathering tips, and finding deals along the way.

we were lucky enough to sit down and talk with Erin Paull, Wanderlisting Editor, about Wanderlisting - here's what she had to say...



WE: What was the genesis of

EP: was launched by Sawhorse Media, a small web company based in Brooklyn, New York.  Sawhorse Media has been a pioneer in Twitter websites and currently runs fifteen industry-oriented sites ranging from political content to comedy content.  They all utilize Twitter profiles to create databases of the top writers and bloggers Tweeting about various categories, and provide information in one easy-to-use website that really creates a bridge between Twitter and traditional websites. was launched on August 14th with a focus on the travel industry; this group has formed a community on Twitter and is a great resource for tips, news, stories, photographs and deals.  As the editor, I aggregate content and Twitter profiles, vetting writers, bloggers and industry insiders to ensure that only the best content is displayed on  The sheer amount of information available regarding all aspects of travel can be overwhelming, and allows visitors to find (and follow!) all of the best Tweeters talking about their specific interests (whether it be family travel, offbeat adventures, etc.) at one destination.



WE: How can readers get the most out of

EP: is meant to appeal to two different audiences - featured members and outside visitors.  The featured members of are able to follow and connect with each other more easily through the site, posting and responding to Tweets by finding over 200 writers in one place.  Although some of them find to run a feed similar to their own Twitter home pages, this new site really provides them with the opportunity to meet new and interesting authorities, break down their favorite Tweeters by category, and reach a larger audience when their Tweets appear on the site.  They can also follow trends more easily and stay on top of the most interesting stories by glancing at the side bar on the right.

The second audience that we hope will appeal to is the novice Twitter user, or those browsers that have not yet immersed themselves in the Tweeting world.  Their best experience will come from accessing links provided by the experts profiled on the site, whether the links are outside news stories or the Tweeters' personal blogs.  The travel content provided at is like nothing else available online from a Google search or the travel pages of large print publications.  Again, outside users can break down information by category and gain access to the suggestions, tips and stories of travel authorities and enthusiasts without independently finding and following the hundreds of writers available on Twitter.  They can also find their favorite Tweeters and easily follow them through links provided, perhaps focusing on a handful of bloggers that they find especially engaging.  For the average Tweeter, a profile filled with feeds from hundreds of travel writers may seem crowded and overwhelming, but exposes users to the best of the best ... we do the work of finding the top bloggers to follow, and they can simply pick, choose and enjoy.

All users can, and should, check back on a regular basis to see who has  been added and what the newest trends are in travel.  A single visit to exposes users to a wealth of information and links that would otherwise take hours to find through traditional search engines.

Fulfill your need to know, take your own journey, follow your wanderlust.



WE: Thanks so much, Erin! I love Wanderlisting - I'm glad to recommend this resource to our readers.

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