Foodie Finds: Churchill's British Pub - Wot!

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I think every big city in the US (and some smaller ones, too) has some version of a British pub. Let's face it, we can really be Anglophiles at heart. We won our independence from the motherland in 1776, but we've never really abandoned our heritage.

Foodie Finds: Churchill's British Pub - Wot!

For Anglophiles in the Dallas area yearning for a bit of British food and culture, I've found just the place. Appropriately named Churchill's, this pub has the best atmosphere and fish and chips I've found anywhere in the Dallas area. I'm not a food critic, but I do love fish and chips - and if they are on the menu, I will always try them. I consider myself a bit of an expert on the topic.

fish and chips! Churchill's British Pub

Technically, Churchill's is in McKinney, a city about thirty minutes north of Dallas, but the fish and chips alone are worth the drive. Churchill's is located in the old downtown, in the historic district. The building is from the 1800s - a perfect setting for a dark cozy English pub.

Enter at street level and you'll see plenty of tables and chairs, but be sure to go upstairs where the bar and game room is located.

Churchill's British Pub

In typical pub fashion, there's a pool table and darts, of course! There's also a cozy fireplace with a portrait of the pub's namesake hanging above.

Churchill's British Pub

The night I was there, it seemed there were all sorts of groups gathered there, plus, of course, diners. The atmosphere was relaxed and the service excellent.

Churchill's is open six days a week until midnight, and until 1:00 am on Saturday nights. Breakfast is served Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

NOTE: Churchill's is now The Celt, and is an Irish Pub. Slainte!


100 N. Tennessee St. McKinney, Texas










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