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Picture this: Walking down the edge of the beach with your family and friends, breathing in the salty air, your hair waving in the wind.  You see other families building sand castles, soaking up the sun.  Families are collecting sea shells, smiling, having the time of their lives.  Other people are at the beach, relaxing in the sand with a book in their hands.  No matter what season, when you visit Destin, Florida, there is always something to do.  Whether you want something kid friendly or a romantic evening, Destin has endless possibilities.


One of the many attractions in Destin, Florida: Swimming with Dolphins

One of the many attractions in Destin, Florida: Swimming with Dolphins


A typical place to go in Destin is of course the beach; one of the best is Emerald Coast.  There you can do anything from renting kayaks and paddle boards to visiting the art shows and festivals that are plentiful in the summer and fall.


Some of the best, most unique shops can be found in the town Sea Side, located close to Destin.  Sea Side provides many attractions, drawling people in by the handfuls.  Here they have many antique shops and art galleries.  The restaurants are divine, and provide a wonderful meal with your family with a beautiful view and nice breeze off the ocean.


If you plan to visit Destin and bring along your golf clubs, you will not be disappointed.  Destin is known for having world class golf resorts that are perfect to the tee.  Throughout the year, Destin’s golf resorts are a popular attraction to tourists who want to spend a relaxing day on the course.


On those not so common rainy days, Destin is still a fun place to be, thanks to the many malls that will make you want to shop till you drop.  Along with the malls, Destin has a large family Fun and Recreation Center that will boost your family’s relationship with one another and bring you closer together.


When you want to spend a day on the water, Destin is the perfect place.  You can pick between Deep Sea Fishing with the locals, with other tourists seeing dolphins in their natural habitat through Dolphin cruises, or even SCUBA diving to see the many wondrous creatures that live in Florida’s oceans.  As you can see, Destin is truly one of a kind for a good time, good shopping, and a good meal.


 Scuba diving a ship wreck.

 Scuba diving a ship wreck




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