Why You Should Not Miss The Glamorous Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai

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Dubai is a place where you can experience the complete and consummate mix of history, tradition, and modernism. A perfect example of this blend is the Dubai Dhow Cruise. Historically speaking, a Dhow is a boat, made of wood, which was used by the old fishing industry of Dubai. Gradually, as the city moved toward a modern way of living, Dhows ceased to exist - and as of now, the demand for dhows has gone down and been replaced by modern vessels. However, some entrepreneurs saw the value of the dhow and converted them into floating restaurants to provide a mesmerizing dinner cruise to travelers. 

Why You Should Not Miss The Glamorous Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai

Today, the dhow cruise has evolved into an important segment of the Dubai tourist industry - if you are in Dubai, you must not miss this experience. You can choose to sail over the Dhow Cruise Marina or over the Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek. The only significant difference between the two is the location. Dubai Creek, as compared to Dubai Marina, is a significantly old part of the town, and cruising at Dubai Creek will take you back in time as you witness the ancient Souks. Dubai Marina, on the other hand, is an entirely new area and is one of the most sought-after locations in the city.

Why You Should Not Miss The Glamorous Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai

The experience of a dhow cruise is magical: imagine sailing over the sea on a perfect night, with glowing and sparkling lights and a perfect dinner with your partner, friends, or family. Who would not want to stop time at that very moment? Here are 5 reasons which make a dhow cruise an activity not worth missing and worth every penny.

Mesmerising Sightseeing
The sightseeing on a dhow cruise is incomparable. Everything, ranging from skylines to gargantuan buildings, can be seen from the dhow. Smooth sailing over the sea, spellbinding sightseeing, and a delicious dinner is bound to dazzle your senses. These are the perfect moments where you'll leave all your worries behind as your mental self is surrounded by the awe-inspiring view of the city’s warmth and beauty.

Generally, evenings and nights are the best time to go aboard a dhow, as you will be able to see a variety of buildings lit with their shining and sparkling lights. You can also view other splendidly decorated cruises when onboard a dhow. 

Why You Should Not Miss The Glamorous Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai

Delicious & Sensuous Food
Even if you are not a fan of eating (who are you?), Arabic, as well as international cuisines available onboard a dhow dinner cruise, are bound to spark the foodie inside you. 

The experience of having delicious food on board, along with the royal treatment provided by the waiters who are ready to serve you, cannot be found anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are with your friends, family, or spouse - this is a great time to create memories together. Enjoy a candlelight dinner with your spouse or have an awesome dinner with your family or friends.

Cultural Shows
On board the dhow cruise itself, you will witness Tanura, a traditional Turkish dance usually performed by a male dancer. The dancer, spinning and dancing to the beats in his decorated dress, creates a very interesting and mesmerizing sight. Historically, belly dancing was common, but as of now it has been, almost, completely replaced by Tanura. 

There's also music - a talented singer starts your cruise with perfect soft music, in the style of rock, pop, jazz, and even classical, that will soothe and calm your senses.

Make Your Special Day Even More Special
This is a perfect spot to host an open-air birthday party. Moreover, imagine this as a wedding location! You and your partner could get married on a dhow, with the majestic view of the skyline as well as the sea in Dubai. 

A dhow can also be chosen as a spot for formal events, too, like corporate meetings and other conferences. Meeting a client over a dhow to finalize a deal will certainly go in your favor, as nobody can say no in such an interesting business setting.
Easy & Comfortable Booking
The booking process for a dhow cruise is a hassle-free experience, as you don’t have to deal with any kind of middleman in the process. Just head over to the website and make an online booking. Moreover, the price per person of the dhow cruise is inexpensive - making it a definite plus to include in your travel budget. 

Why You Should Not Miss The Glamorous Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai

Visiting Dubai, even for one day, and not going for a dhow cruise is a great loss on your part. The combined experience of the grandeur of the city, the wonderful sea, the delicious food, and the amazing hospitality and cultural experiences cannot be provided by anything else. Bucket list! 

Why You Should Not Miss The Glamorous Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai

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Why You Should Not Miss The Glamorous Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai