Globetrotting for Good: The Conde Nast Challenge

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May 19, 2009 / 0 comments

News from one of our favorite Travel Magazines and Sites, Conde Nast Traveler:


Conde Nast Traveler has joined Ashoka, the global community of social
, in a series of online competitions to drum up great ideas
about doing good through travel. The first competition, which ends May 22,
is looking for how to best promote the values of global citizenship through
. (If you are a traveler, how can you promote cross-cultural
understanding and exchange? If you are a travel company, how can you help
travelers connect with local communities?)

WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE? We believe that travelers and the travel industry have great power to do good in the world. They can help preserve environments, combat poverty and disease, enable education. Travelers can be the best global citizens, but to do so, they must become involved with the communities they visit—experiencing other cultures, listening and learning, and carrying the newly gained knowledge back home. This competition is about finding the best ideas for promoting global citizenship: how travelers can contribute meaningfully to the lives of local people and how travel companies can encourage guests to engage with communities.

PERHAPS YOU have visited a community project on your travels and have thoughts about how other travelers can have that kind of experience. Or perhaps you have suggestions about how travelers can be more open-minded and prepare better for their trips. If you are a travel company, maybe you have developed a program that successfully promotes engagement with the communities where you operate.

The winner will be highlighted in the September Power of Travel issue of Conde Nast Traveler. The second competition, posing a new question, will launch in mid-June.

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