Hack It! Top 5 Travel Apps

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Are you planning a trip to check out one of the stunning glaciers in Iceland or a marvelous island spot in the Maldives? Travel can be a great way to bond with your family and take the stress off from a busy routine. Arranging an excursion can be time-consuming, especially with a plethora of things to consider like recreational activities, travel bookings, hotel arrangements, etc. But fret not,  because we've got you covered with 5 awesome travel apps that will help you plan an exciting trip in no time. Before you install any of these, make sure you also install an android parental control app to prevent cyber dangers. 

Hack It! Top 5 Travel Apps


One of the most popular travel apps, Tripit makes travel planning more cushy and convenient by providing a single view of the entire trip details, including itineraries, hotel reservations, tickets, travel confirmations, planned activities, and car rentals. With this app, your trip planning is a hassle-free process, as it offers a single point of access for all your travel requirements. You don't have to look up an email to find out your reservation number, or time for your scheduled flight. The travel app lets you organize your trip details and share your travel plans with specific people, like friends who will pick you up at the airport, or relatives in town, so they know in time that you're arriving for a nice meal.


TouristEye is a brilliant travel app which provides an easy way to collaborate with your friends, plan a memorable trip, find inspirational places to travel, and check out user comments to find out pros and cons of different tourist spots. The app also allows you to save a wish list of your favorite destinations and places you'd like to visit, along with the activities you are interested in, and the sort of experience you'd like to enjoy. You can use the app to plan a great trip with your friends by sharing your wishlist with them, where they can then add waypoints and areas to visit, local travel amenities, and things you can do together when you reach your destination.


TripAdvisor has become as popular as video streaming apps, especially amongst travel enthusiasts and busy parents with kids, looking for a quick and easy to use tool for trip planning. The TripAdvisor app can be used to look up prices for hotel bookings, affordable destinations for travel and nice tourist spots near you, all based on your requirements. It is the largest online directory of hotel and destination reviews, ratings, customer reviews, photos, and other important details. The top-rated travel app permits you to find out the most appropriate hotel or resort to check-in, the traveler amenities offered by the place, and the quality of customer service. 

Packing Pro 

Packing Pro helps you organize your trip by ensuring all your things on the to-do list are complete before you hit the road. The awesome travel packing app lets you create packing lists, travel necessities list, and monitor your travel arrangements through alerts, reminders, and notifications sent by the app based on the trip information you provide.


The trending travel app allows you to check prices and the best travel deals, such as low-cost one-way fares and affordable hotels. You can also use filters to select the sort of amenities you'd like to discover, such as spa treatments, swimming pool, guided tours, etc., when making a hotel reservation, for added convenience.

What are your favorite travel apps?

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Hack It! Top 5 Travel Apps