How to Get Around and Experience Paris

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Paris is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world - and for good reason. The city seems to have a personality all its own, full of charm, quirks, and subtle beauty - it is unlike anywhere else in the world. For those who have visited la Ville des Lumieres in the past, the incomparable experience that comes from the city’s personality does not need to be explained. But if this is your first trip to Paris, you may need some help in understanding how to best take in all that the city has to offer.

How to Get Around and Experience Paris

The City of Lights

Paris means a number of different things to different people. For the city’s residents, it is simply home, but to those with romantic dreams of visiting Paris, it may involve art, culture, music, cuisine, love, history, or any other of the infinite possibilities that the City of Lights holds. But no matter what you hope to achieve by visiting this legendary location, you will need to develop a plan to experience it properly.

While developing an efficient travel plan may not seem like the most spontaneous, romantic, or Parisian of concepts, it is necessary if you only have a limited amount of time to spend. Before your trip, you should decide upon all of the usual factors that are involved in vacation planning, including:

* Time allotted
* Budget
* Number of people in your party
* Purpose of your visit (if necessary)
* Theme of your visit (if necessary)
* Destinations/attractions you plan to visit
* Travel to the destination
* Travel within the destination

It is the last of these elements which is the focus of this guide, as travelling within the city of Paris can be a unique challenge and adventure all its own. There are several ways of getting from one point to another in any city, but to fully experience the subtle beauty and personality of Paris, your various modes of transportation should be varied.

How to Get Around and Experience Paris


The most obvious way of taking in all that Paris has to offer is by personally experiencing it on foot. It is the only way to fully experience the many sights, sounds, and smells that make this one of the most wonderful destinations in the world. Of course, it may not be practical to travel only on foot throughout your time in Paris, as you will likely want to reach multiple distant locations within a limited amount of time.


For full control of your vacation, you may feel the need to rent a car. While this has a number of obvious advantages, Paris is notorious for unpredictable and chaotic traffic, and you may be better off making occasional use of car services and taxis. While a Paris taxi is not be hailed like in major American cities - they can be procured online, by phone, or at one of the many stands throughout the city.

How to Get Around and Experience Paris

Public Transportation

The public transportation in Paris is world-renowned, and there are many flexible options to reach any destination. The Parisian Metro is one of the most efficient and affordable forms of travel, and buses can be taken along similar routes but above ground. Even if you are not familiar with the city or the language, the simple color-coded system can be used by anyone to map out an effective travel plan.

Other Ways to Travel

We've shared about other ways to get around in Paris, including bike, batobus, and even rollerblading! 


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