The Hurtigruten Cruise - Witness the Aurora Borealis

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The title ‘world's most beautiful voyage’ has been given to the Hurtigruten cruise. When it comes to Norwegian Coastal Cruises, many people consider the Hurtigruten cruise the best for tourists to enjoy and understand the beautiful land of the midnight sun, Norway. 

The Hurtigruten Cruise - Witness the Aurora Borealis

The cruise ship will take you along the coast to enjoy the amazing views offered by the Norwegian coast. In 1893, Richard With launched the first ever Hurtigruten cruise, between Hammerfest and Trondheim. Over time, the cruise began ferrying passengers from Kirkenes town to Bergen. The cruise ship is still using this route today. 

While travelling on the Hurtigruten Cruise, you'll come across fjords and ports that you wouldn't have seen if you travelled via a larger ship. In Norwegian, Hurtigruten means fast route. However, now Hurtigruten has the same meaning as slow travel. 

The Hurtigruten Cruise - Witness the Aurora Borealis

Although there are lots of Norwegian cruises offering exciting experiences across the wonderful coastline, the Norwegian Hurtigruten Cruise has proven to stand out from the rest. The following are some reasons why people should choose the Hurtigruten cruise on their next travel adventure... 

Budget Friendly 

Usually, cruise expeditions are costly, worldwide. However, you'll save money if you book in advance. Typically, the earlier you make the booking for your trip, the cheaper it'll be. Thus, if you're looking for a budget-friendly sea expedition, you should plan your trip earlier. 

Unmatched Quality Standards 

The beautiful Hurtigruten cruise stands for high-standard quality and offers unparalleled service. It provides tailor-made thrilling expeditions accompanied by highly skilled, professional staff. Also, the teams are amiable and professional when it comes to serving you what you need. If you're a fan of culture and nature, you'll love the Hurtigruten cruise. 

In the evening, you can spend your time on the cruise ship deck - it will make you feel closer to nature. You can also hop off board and explore some of the numerous islands dotting the nation's amazing coastline. The cruise assures the standards of safety, and offers more than 200 exciting activities. 

The Hurtigruten Cruise - Witness the Aurora Borealis

A Learning Experience for Travelers 

The Hurtigruten cruise isn't only great for unwinding and leisure - it's also astounding from an educational perspective. On board the cruise, you'll find teams that conduct lectures on a daily basis, where you'll get to learn a lot about different aspects concerning culture and nature that surround the country. The topics of these lectures depend on the current natural conditions. 

Comfort and Class 

The cruise has comfortable accommodations that'll make you feel relaxed as if you were in your own home. The interior is designed intricately, and the decks are also designed to help passengers get the best out of the bounties of nature that they'll get to experience. 

Entertainment Onboard 

The focus of the Norwegian coastal cruises is making the passengers feel close to nature. Hence, on board, you'll not find entertainment which often takes away the trip's real essence. However, you'll find certain musical programs playing soothing music. And, of course, look around you. Nature at its best.

Competent Captains 

The sailors who are on board this cruise are among the industry's most competent sailors. They're professionally trained, as well as highly skilled, and can easily handle the difficult polar waters. 

Tantalising Food 

Meals are served as extravagant buffets with a wide selection of vegetables, eggs, cereals, juices, and meats, among other scrumptious things. 

Meals are served three times a day at a selected space on board. The food that is served usually indicates a rich mixture of culture that's widespread in various islands around the coast. Also, if you would like to have special food, please request in advance, and it'll be taken care of. 


The Hurtigruten cruise offers several amenities, just like any other mainstream commercial liner. There is an entertainment scene, as well as a laundry on board. 

All Seasons

It is evident that Hurtigruten Cruises are enjoyable during all seasons. Therefore, you shouldn't visit Norway just once; in fact, you should visit the beautiful country again and again and experience what the Hurtigruten cruise has to offer each season. For instance, during the spring months, the sunlight returning makes the coast alive, and it's a vision that you do not want to miss. 

During the summer, you'll understand why the nation is called the beautiful land of the midnight sun, because the night shines brightly as day. 

The Hurtigruten Cruise - Witness the Aurora Borealis

When it comes to winter months, you'll have many tourists flocking to Norway to experience the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. This spectacular natural phenomenon happens in the winter; you'll get to witness the lights dancing beautifully in the sky usually in pinks, violets, or greens. 

A trip on this beautiful Hurtigruten cruise is, without a doubt, a trip of a lifetime.

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The Hurtigruten Cruise - Witness the Aurora Borealis