Is your smartphone travel-ready?

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There are a bunch of things you can do to upgrade your smartphone before you go travelling to make your phone more than just a phone. We’ve compiled a list of our top phone hacks so you can make the most of your time away with minimal hassle. Take a look at our list to see what you can do with your smartphone.

Is your smartphone travel-ready?

Apps and websites

Language Apps

Try Memrise or Duolingo, language apps that are gamified to make learning a new language fun. Both apps offer lots of different languages for you to start learning before you leave for your trip.

Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps has the option to download maps of large areas, so you’ve always got a map ready to consult while you’re in areas of unreliable internet availability, or want to prevent overspending on data usage while you’re abroad. Download maps in advance so you’re always ready for exploring.

Is your smartphone travel-ready?

Airline apps

Many airline apps allow you to check-in via the app so you won’t need to rush around to find a printer to get your boarding pass. Once you’ve checked in, your boarding pass will be visible on the screen with a barcode that you can show airport staff. Once you know which airline you’re flying with, download their app, and take a look at how it could help you in the lead up to your journey.


If you’re moving abroad or just need to send something over that you can’t take yourself, take a look at Shiply which is an online marketplace for finding a delivery driver. It’s easy to make a listing for whatever you need delivered, whether it’s a box, a car, or your whole house!


Portable charger

Don’t forget your portable charger! To make sure your phone will have enough power throughout your days of exploring, taking photos and searching local attractions, you’ll probably find that a small portable charger is useful to take with you during the day. Do some research to find one that suits the level of your phone usage so you’re never left without power when you’re out and about.

Is your smartphone travel-ready?

Touchscreen-friendly waterproof pouch

If you’re going somewhere that’s likely to be rainy or plan to take part in water-related activities whilst travelling, consider getting a waterproof pouch to keep your phone dry. Get one that is touchscreen-friendly so you can still use your phone through the plastic and make sure the seal is water tight. Perfect for taking underwater photos or just to prevent the weather causing any water damage.

Is your smartphone travel-ready?

Phone cradle

Instead of paying an extra fee to hire a satnav with your car rental, you can mount your phone to the windscreen instead and use a satnav application like Scout or Google Maps to help you get around.

Radio transmitter

If you’re hiring an older car without much of an audio system, you might want to to invest in a bluetooth radio transmitter so you can play audio from your phone (from Spotify, internet radio apps, etc.) to the transmitter via bluetooth so it plays through the car’s speakers.


What are your phone travelling hacks?