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This month on Wandering Educators, we're featuring different ways to experience dolphins and manatees in Florida. Yes, we're marine nuts who love to sail, swim, and learn more about our marine environment! One of the organizations we interviewed this month was the Miami Seaquarium. Located in South Florida, the Miami Seaquarium is a marine-life entertainment park that also serves to educate visitors about dolphins, manatees, seaturtles, and more. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Carolina Perrina, Spokesperson for the Miami Seaquarium. Here's what she had to say...



WE: Please tell us about the Miami Seaquarium...

CP: Miami Seaquarium is the place where dolphins fly, where fearsome moray eels lurk in coral reef caverns, where shimmering schools of exotic fish dance through underwater seascapes, and it’s the only place where you will see the graceful beauty of Pacific white sided dolphins combined with the awesome power of a three ton killer whale.

It’s a world-class marine-life entertainment park with eight different marine animal shows and presentations offered each day.

New to Miami Seaquarium is the state of the art Dolphin Harbor. This new dolphin interaction facility is home to two dolphin interaction programs. Guests can join our dolphins for a fun-filled Dolphin Odyssey or Dolphin Encounter they'll never forget. Participants will bring the mystical tales of these magnificent creatures to life through our Dolphin Harbor. It begins with a little insight into these intelligent and fun-loving mammals, followed by an unforgettable chance to touch, feed, play and get up-close and personal like never before.

Miami Seaquarium, located ten minutes from downtown Miami on beautiful Virginia Key, offers visitors hours of fun – and it’s educational too. Across 38 landscaped acres, the marine life entertainment park provides a fun-filled mix of exhibits, shows, attractions, food and shopping opportunities that have made it a Miami institution.


Miami Seaquarium



WE: What sorts of dolphin activities do you have?

CP: Dolphin Harbor offers guests two different dolphin interaction programs.  Dolphin Odyssey is a two-hour experience, which includes feeding, touching and learning about these magnificent animals plus the opportunity for a deep-water interaction with a dolphin.  Guests must be at least 52 inches tall may participate in the Dolphin Odyssey program.

Dolphin Encounter is a new program that allows guests to wade out into the pool and have a shallow water experience meeting the dolphins.  The two-hour program features an educational seminar and the chance to feed and touch a dolphin as well as learn about dolphin training techniques.  Dolphin Encounter participants must be at least five years of age and for those children under 9 years, an older sibling or adult must accompany the child as a participant.

The cost of the Dolphin Odyssey program is $199 plus tax per person.    The Dolphin Encounter program costs $139 plus tax per person. Dolphin Harbor program participants may be accompanied by observers at the cost of $45 per adult and $36 per child plus tax.  Expectant mothers are not allowed to participate in dolphin interaction programs.  Program fees include one day’s admission to the park. For more information or to register please call (305) 365-2501.


Miami Seaquarium



WE: How do you teach visitors about your dolphins?

CP: We have educational seminars before each dolphin experience. Our guests go through the orientation process to learn about dolphins’ anatomy, the proper way to interact with them at Miami Seaquarium, the importance of not interacting with them in the wild, as well as fun facts on these animals. Guests will learn how our animals are trained and will even send our dolphins on exciting behaviors.


WE: How can our readers find out more?

CP: For more information please visit our website,, or to book your dolphin experience please call, 305 3615705 ext. 501.


Miami Seaquarium



WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

CP: As a special Valentine’s Day treat Miami Seaquarium launched ‘DINE WITH THE DOLPHINS’, A unique promotion offering sweethearts dinner and dolphins. Please see below for details.

Miami Seaquarium has a unique experience for couples with its ‘Dine with the Dolphins’ offering at the park’s new Dolphin Harbor facility.  From 8pm to 10pm, Saturday, February 14, 2009, couples will enjoy a delicious candlelight dinner under the stars, overlooking the dolphins at Dolphin Harbor. In addition, the Valentine’s Day package includes two Dolphin Odyssey experience certificates, and two annual passes to the park.

The “Dine with the Dolphins” package may be purchased for $398 plus tax per couple. Availability is limited and advance reservations are required. For more information or to purchase your ‘Dine with the Dolphins’, please call 305-365-2501 or visit



Miami Seaquarium


WE: Thanks so much, Carolina!

For more information on the Miami Seaquarium, please see:


All photos courtesy and copyright of the Miami Seaquarium.

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