An Overview of All-Inclusive Family Resorts

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What Is an All Inclusive Family Resort? 

An all-inclusive family resort is an all-inclusive resort that caters to families. It is in stark contrast to resorts that prohibit children or even people under 50. There are all-inclusive resorts that will allow children, but an all-inclusive family resort is designed for families. They stand out in the range of child friendly activities and amenities they offer. 

An Overview of All-Inclusive Family Resorts

Here are a few questions you need to ask when researching all-inclusive resorts for your family's next vacation: 

What's Included? 

Just because they say they are all-inclusive doesn't mean everything you may want is included. For example, they'll typically provide a room and meals. Will they also have snacks available? You're typically on your own for sunscreen and bug spray unless you buy it at the local shop. Do they have a local shop where you can buy items you forgot or ran out of? Will the package you are considering include waterskiing lessons, sailing, slow boat rides and horseback riding? They may include a few basic activities like yoga on the beach and access to the poo. However, you should learn whether or not you have to pay extra for the advertised activities or sign up for a more expensive package to be allowed to do them for free. You may also find that wi-fi isn't free unless you're a VIP. Tours of the local tourist attractions, spa treatments, and a round on the local golf course are probably extra. The package probably includes a ride from the airport to the resort, but don't assume this only to find out you're wrong once you arrive. 

What Are Your Options Regarding Food? 

Most all-inclusive resorts provide three meals and non-alcoholic drinks. Before you sign up, find out what exactly they offer in terms of food. Most resorts provide standard, average food familiar to Americans and Europeans. Find out if they offer something other than burgers, pizza, and salad. If you have dietary restrictions, learn whether or not they can accommodate you. All inclusive resorts are going to have juice and water, but you should find out if they offer free alcoholic drinks for parents and can whip up a bottle for a hungry baby. 

What Activities Are Available? 

At an all inclusive family resorts Caribbean destination, it is almost a given that they'll be on the beach, though this isn't a guarantee. They may simply be in walking distance of a public beach. Take the time to learn what other activities are available, especially if they're part of the total package. Can your children learn how to surf, scuba dive, parasail or fish? If so, what are the age limits to join in those activities? Do they have dance lessons, swim lessons, and yoga all open to kids? Will there be enough for your family to do with every member of the family included? Be aware of sectioning, too, where you aren't allowed to participate in certain activities unless you paid for that tier of access. You want a happy family experience, not stress!

An Overview of All-Inclusive Family Resorts

Will You Want to Carry Money with You? 

At some resorts, everything is handled via wristbands. This gives you access to the facility, specific activities, and may even track your spending. Then you get a final bill at the end if your kids went on too many scuba diving and water skiing lessons. In other facilities, a lot of things are free but you'll be expected to tip. Note that if everything is charged via your wristband, you could be hit with a bill if a child loses theirs. 

Have you been to an all-inclusive family resort? What did you love most?

An Overview of All-Inclusive Family Resorts