Packing Essentials for an Adventure Holiday

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There's no doubt that travel certainly does broaden the mind, but sometimes the excitement of travel plans can cause the mind to forget some of the essentials that need to be purchased and packed! With a city break, this isn't necessarily a problem: you can buy everything you'll need when you get there, and the best advice is often to take less stuff, but more money. If you're opting to get away from it all somewhere quiet and isolated, the chances are that the things you forget will just make your stay even quieter - in any case, you'll probably get by.

With an adventure holiday, however, there really are packing essentials that you won't be able to do without. That's because an element of risk and challenging yourself is all part of the exciting experience on this kind of vacation. If you don't have the right items, then there may be parts of the adventure you'll have to forego. At worst, not taking appropriate equipment or clothing could lead to serious injury or even death. So you see why it's vital to be prepared.

Packing Essentials for an Adventure Holiday

Climate appropriate

What you should bring obviously depends on where you're going, and what kind of climate you're likely to find yourself in. Do your research. Remember that depending on the time of year the weather and temperature might be quite different from what you'd normally expect. And of course be prepared for the activities you're going to be undertaking. If you're going skiing, then you'll need very different specialist equipment than if you're going sailing, or mountaineering, or so forth. What follows is a basic guide to a few of the essentials you might need to pack for an adventurous journey, but feel free to add your own.

Packing Essentials for an Adventure Holiday

Suitable footwear

If you're going to be doing a lot of walking, this generally means high quality hiking boots.Your old trainers generally won't cut it. Look for ankle support, and make sure to wear them in first. It's also imperative that they are the right size, but if in doubt, err on over-large. If it's cold, you'll be wearing thick socks, and if it's hot, your feet may swell up.


The definition of orthotics is any external device that modifies the functional characteristics of your skeletal or neuromuscular system. In practice, this generally refers to a wide range of support garments that can protect you from sprains, strains and rashes. Foot orthotics are the most common devices, in the form of shoe or boot inserts to help your feet sit more comfortably. These original Tommie Copper orthotics come in sports or everyday memory foam styles; so all of the orthotics styles you will need for walking. 

Comfortable clothing

The clothes you take should be sensible, functional, and appropriate to the climate and the activities you'll be undertaking. Think layers, with base layers especially important if you'll be camping. Consider zip-off adjustable waterproof trousers, or loose cotton ones if it's going to be warm. Bear in mind you may need your clothing to be protective also, and it's best to keep arms and legs covered if possible, even in hot weather.

Creams and sprays

In many locations, insect repellant is going to be essential, along with a strong, all-over sunscreen. Don't forget a sun hat and sunglasses, as well! You'll also need a basic first aid kit, including painkillers and antihistamines, rehydration sachets, stitch bandaids, and blister protection. A hand sanitizer and wet wipes should also be included.

Packing Essentials for an Adventure Holiday

Stay safe

A portable flashlight with spare batteries is important if you're going to be wandering around in the dark. A whistle is a simple functional item to alert others to your location if you get cut off or lost. Certainly take your cellphone with GPS tracking, but remember you may be in areas where you can't get a signal. Your basic Swiss army knife and compass are also standard issue for adventure holidays, and for good reason. Make sure you have a water bottle and carrier, and an adequate supply of nutritious snacks. Have a headlamp if there's even the slightest chance of you moving about at night.

Packing Essentials for an Adventure Holiday

A good backpack

Finally, don't forget to bring something to carry all of these items in while you're out in the field. It's easy to just throw everything into a suitcase and then remember too late that you're going to be hiking for several days through rough terrain. Your pack should fit easily onto your back, storing everything while leaving your hands free. It should be waterproof and portable enough for you to travel down narrow trails while wearing it. 


This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you a few pointers to jog your memory and make sure you have all the essential items you need for your adventure holiday. 

What's your go-to item on your adventures?