Photography from the Roof of the Parthenon

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Photography from the Roof of the Parthenon --
American Photographer Josh Garrick Given UNIQUE Opportunity

Orlando -- The black and white photographs of Ancient Greek Monuments by Josh Garrick – on exhibit from January 11 to February 12 at the new Lee James Gallery at the City Arts Factory – are unique for one very special reason.  Garrick was privileged to be the only American invited by the Greek Ephorate of Antiquities to climb the scaffolding that surrounds one side of the Parthenon to photograph this ancient temple from the roof and scaffolding during its current re-construction – an honor not normally extended to a citizen of any country other than Greece.


no stone unturned 


In unique photographs, Garrick captures the city of Athens from the roof of the Parthenon. Garrick received this special honor in recognition of his love of the country as witnessed by college courses he taught in which he brought American students to Greece. Garrick’s retrospective includes photographs he has taken over years of visiting Greece as a professor and art historian.
"People assume I have a Greek heritage,”
Garrick says. “I certainly feel at home when I’m there, but when I’m asked where my fascination with all things Greek comes from, it is formed by my deep respect for that brief period of time when much of what we understand to be art, history, theatre, philosophy, and that elusive term ‘taste’ may be traced. It is an honor to be a constant ‘student’ of that time in our humanity. I tell students that the responsibility of the photographer is to help the viewer “see in a different way.”  I feel a ‘religious’ responsibility when photographing the ancient monuments, and at its best, I hope my work can move the viewer’s emotions and sense of shared history. The best part of my life has nurtured my curiosity and passion for ancient Greece. Photographs are my way to share that passion.”
Two related events will take place while the exhibit is presented at the Lee James Gallery.  BOTH events are FREE and open to the public.

Thursday, January 13 at 6 pm – Gallery Talk by Josh Garrick in which Josh will relate stories of ancient Greece which inspire his photography

Thursday, January 20 from 6 pm to 9 pm – “Third Thursday” Artist’s Reception

Garrick has exhibited in one-man shows in New York City and throughout Central Florida. As a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Garrick led 15 student groups to Greece for a course titled “The Art & Culture of Ancient Greece.” Garrick’s photographs have appeared in Photo District News, U&lc, and Archaeology magazines, the New York Post, in advertising for Olympic Airways, and on the cover of the New York Gallery Guide.
The Lee James Gallery may be reached at 407.897.5300.   Garrick may be reached at joshgarrick776 [at]  The Lee James Gallery is located within the City Arts Factory at 29 South Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, Florida.