Professional Spaces on the Go

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Working in the field of education as a professional nomad presents a variety of challenges. Some of the most common include finding a place to meet with clients and coworkers, and finding reliable internet connectivity. Whether you work as a professional tutor, author, consultant, or representative for an educational services provider, you will eventually need a professional space to work or hold a meeting. One of the newest and most promising solutions for both problems is on demand office space, although two of the more well-known solutions include the utilization of community and public spaces.

How to Find Professional Spaces on the Go

On Demand Office Space

On demand office space is a somewhat recent concept. There are many businesses that have created official office environments that are then rented on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis to professionals who only need this type of environment on a semi-regular basis. Modi Offices provide private workspaces, conference rooms, and executive amenities that are ideal for working with clients in a space of your own.

This is especially important for education experts who are working as a consultant or as a representative for a service or product brand. By bringing the stakeholders to a neutral location, you can control the environment, tone, and pace of the meeting. Instead of approaching the potential partnership from the place of a petitioner, you can flip the script and meet on equal footing.

Shared workspaces or co-working solutions are ideal in many ways, but may also be competitive for prime slots during normal business hours. If you know you will be traveling to a specific area in the future and in need of such an environment, it can be beneficial to begin researching options weeks to months in advance. Contact any facilities that appear to have potential and request photographs or video of the spaces if you are unable to visit prior to your arrival, then reserve the desired time. This will ensure there are no booking problems for an important meeting.

How to Find Professional Spaces on the Go

Community Spaces

Community spaces, such as libraries, are a great option for individuals who need reliable internet access and a quiet place to complete basic administrative tasks, conduct research, or spend focused time creating content. Most towns have libraries with rooms that can be reserved for several hour blocks of uninterrupted work.

Another great option is a local university campus. These areas typically have free Wi-Fi and numerous locations for students to sit and work quietly. Most have a policy that allows visitors to explore and use the campus for short periods. Visit the security center for a visitor’s pass, then head to the campus library, picnic area, or other quiet location to focus on your work. If you're an alumna, you'll already have your favorite library spots to work in.

How to Find Professional Spaces on the Go

Public Spaces 

Public spaces are an excellent option for completing work that doesn’t need complete quiet. Visiting a local coffee shop or bookstore is perfect for responding to business emails, writing blog posts, or completing any social networking tasks. Most of these places recognize their value as a non-traditional workspace and offer free high-speed access at no additional cost. They are also a great place to meet with people in a more casual setting or to work one on one with students as a tutor. Other settings, such as public parks, can also work well for cities that have taken the initiative to provide public Wi-Fi.

The biggest problem with using public spaces for work or meetings is their unpredictable nature. It is impossible to know ahead of time if they locations will be crowded and noisy. If privacy and quiet are not essential, however, they are typically the easiest spaces to access and have the greatest number of available hours during which they can be used. If you have time, it may be a good idea to scout out several of these types of locations to have alternatives ready if your first choice is suddenly overrun by a large group.

Work in a coffeeshop (here, Coexist cafe, in Kalamazoo, MI). From Professional Spaces on the Go
My favorite coffeeshop - Coexist Cafe, Kalamazoo

Part of being a successful wanderer in the field of education is the ability to notice and optimize all which you encounter along the way. With a willingness to explore the surrounding environment and think outside the box, it is possible to find professional spaces in almost any community.

Professional Spaces on the Go


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