Road to Hana

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For adventurous people that enjoy the outdoors, you are going to love the Road to Hana, Hawaii. This 50-mile winding road through lush rainforest has an outstanding seaside view and many towering waterfalls pools. It is a very picturesque drive, observing the tropical wildlife and great hiking. The Road to Hana is one of Maui’s most beautiful tropical places.

spectacular view on the drive to Hana

About Hana

Put the windows down, let the Hawaiian breeze blow through your hair, and listen to some chill island music, eating fresh local fruits like papayas and pineapples, drinking guava juice. Take a road trip to Hana that runs along highway 36 (Hana highway). It’s a winding little road that is along the northeastern shore of Maui. In the car, you will go across 59 bridges - and 46 of them are only one lane wide. The drive takes at least 2.5 hours from Kihei, but plan to head out for the whole day. Get an early start! The streets get very narrow and winding, so if you have a weak stomach bring medicine that will help you feel better. You have to go the same route back and driving on the edge can be kind of scary, so if you’re afraid of heights keep looking forward, not out your side window.

spectacular view on the drive to Hana

Things to do in Hana

There are plenty of things to do in Hana. The drive to Hana is quite enjoyable. The scenery is absolutely fantastic. You can see the spectacular ocean view and the most beautiful tropical plants. There are lookouts along the roads where you can stop and see the most amazing views of the ocean. Enjoy a hike with the family through the green forests and the forest of bamboo. Along the way, there are many natural spring water pools with waterfalls pouring into it, where you can swim. All along the curvy roads are little fruit stands where you can take a break and have some fresh fruits and get some yummy drinks. There are several black sandy beach parks where you can stop to enjoy the breathtaking view and have a nice picnic.

Drive to Hana

Best Part of Hana

The best part about Hana is The Seven Sacred Pools. It is part of Haleakala National Park, which was once an active volcano. There are several pools, each one having a waterfall. The water streams down going into the ocean nearby. It is a big tourist attraction and a popular place to go for both locals and tourists. It is such a serene and peaceful place. The Hawaiian plants surround the waterfalls. Water flows down the mountain waterfalls into dozens of pools. The waterfall pools are like a playground. People are jumping off rocks into the water, swimming in the pool, crawling under the little waterfall. It is quite tranquil. I reckon it is one of the most magnificent views I have ever seen. I just love the falling water, the pools one after another, the black soft sand, the huge crashing waves of the ocean, the tropical plants all around the hard lava rocks. It is quite a beautiful place.

seven sacred pools - the drive to Hana

7 sacred pools, Hana



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