Things to Do in Boston with Kids

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Boston is an outstanding and interactive destination ideal for people of all ages. From the historic sites where the patriots fought for the independence of the United States to the indoor and outdoor art collections, you can never run out of places to visit or things to do. It is a destination full of culture, history, sports, and culinary delights served in family-friendly restaurants. 

Families make up a huge part of the audience in Boston and most venues go the extra mile to make it comfortable for families. With lots of amenities and events, you will leave with new memories to last a lifetime. However, you need to create your itinerary to include kid friendly activities and destinations. Here are some tips on what you can do in Boston when traveling with kids.

Things to Do in Boston with Kids

1. Visit the Public Garden

If you have read the classic Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey, you would be glad to know the story about a duck family was set in the Public Garden. You can read the book with your kids while preparing for your vacation so they know what to expect. You can also visit the bronze statues at the garden depicting the duck family.

After that, you can ride on the Swan Boats that have been a part of Boston since 1877 when they first set sail on the lagoon in the Public Garden. You can enjoy a peaceful voyage on the pedal powered vessels as you watch the swans that inhabit the lagoon.

Things to Do in Boston with Kids

2. Check Out the Rose Kennedy Greenway

Among the various places to explore in Boston, the Rose Kennedy Greenway stands out as a versatile destination, catering to individuals of all age groups, especially families with children. For toddlers, the Greenway Carousel will definitely stand out. They can ride on whales, lobsters, harbor seals, and other New England fauna inspired by children’s drawing. 

Kids can also play on the expansive greens or take a walk on the labyrinth at the American Heritage Park. When the temperatures become unbearable, they can cool off under the Ring Fountain. You can enjoy affordable snacks and lunches at the many food trucks that line up along the Greenway.

Things to Do in Boston with Kids

3. Visit the Boston Children’s Museum

Your youngest child will definitely love the dedicated PlaySpace at the Boston Children’s Museum. It is designed exclusively for children under three years. It offers many opportunities for them to have fun from make-believe to age-appropriate physical challenges and sensory play. You even get a dedicated space for crawlers. Older children are not allowed into the PlaySpace so you can be sure your young one will have fun in the company of their age mates.

4. Give Your Kids Lessons At a Piano School

If you plan on staying in Boston for a bit longer, you may not want to bring your child everywhere you go for different reasons. You can catch a break by sending them to the South Shore Piano School for a piano lesson. The school offers engaging piano lessons that your child can easily follow as they fall in love with music. It also teaches them to express their feelings in a healthy way and boosts their confidence.

5. Admire the Pieces at the Museum of Fine Arts

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has something for everyone; even the youngest admirers of art. If your kids love animals, they will definitely appreciate the carousel figures and whimsical weathervanes on display. The Model Ship gallery is also a great attraction for kids. They can also get to see mummies in Egyptian art and the Fenway entrance that features bronze statues of Indian Hunter and Pronghorn Antelope.

Not many destinations are ideal for a family vacation like Boston. You have access to great amenities to make your stay special. It is also a compact city which makes it easy to move around even with children. If you have an upcoming vacation, consider these five activities and you will definitely have a blast.

Things to Do in Boston with Kids