Top Destinations in Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia is a collection of colorful culture, spirit, and language. Before getting used to the different culture, it feels like someone replaced the things you know with another unknown phenomenon. Although the rich culture is a true marvel, the region is overflowing with hundreds of activities, adventures, and experiences - all waiting to be discovered. Southeast Asia is generally comprised of the following countries: Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Southeast China is included on some lists, however.  Unless you have unlimited time, it would be nearly impossible to see all of these countries in one vacation. However, these travel writers have tackled the challenge of picking some of the highlights of this diverse region.

Top Destinations in Southeast Asia

GetYourGuide has created a list of 10 Must-See destinations in Southeast Asia. The list gives a general guide of which cities in the region are ones not to miss. If you are looking to explore many different cities in the vast region, check out this article and learn about what makes each city unique.

Relaxation is often expected when traveling. Many people think of sleeping on a beach as the way to relax, but Mark Wiens demonstrates that it is possible to experience culture and rest at the same time. For the full list of the tranquil environments, click here.

Traveling is a major expense, and finding ways to decrease the cost of your trip is always helpful.  Budget Your Trip has picked the top 10 ways to travel cheaply through Southeast Asia.  It lists each city name, and ways to save in the city.  To learn more about how to travel on a budget, visit Budget Your Trip.

For the adventurous traveler, this next article is for you. has created a list of the top 5 stops for a traveler looking for exhilarating memories to last a lifetime.  There are all kinds of activities from swimming with eels and other sea creatures, all the way to sand dune racing in Vietnam.  If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, check out this article.

Top Destinations in Southeast Asia

This next article has a great balance of what cities to visit, what to eat, and the activities you won’t want to miss. has also created a mixture between the usual sights that come to mind when thinking of Southeast Asia, such as Angor Wat, in Cambodia. However, there are also off-the-beaten-track locations given too. Learn about the different balance of things you can see in Southeast Asia.

If you want to continue with the off-the-beaten-track idea of traveling, check out this blog post from The Shooting Star. Off-the-beaten-track travel is often cheaper than traveling to touristy sights, and you get to avoid many crowds. 

Although off-the-beaten-track travel is a great way to save and have great experiences, it is not for everyone. There are hundreds of destinations that are more well known in this diverse region.  The Ordinary Traveler has listed 7 breathtaking sights to see when visiting Southeast Asia. It also explains different activities to do in each location.

As a final place to learn about the many experiences Southeast Asia has to offer, Asia Places To See has listed their top 10 attractions in the region. The blog post covers the highlights of each city in the different countries, and explains what makes them notable.  For the details of these amazing cities, please click here.

Top Destinations in Southeast Asia



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