Travel Guide To Parry Sound In Canada

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If you’ve never ventured out to Canada before, then you might not have heard of the picturesque and popular cottage destination called Parry Sound. It’s a town near Northern Ontario. It’s home to one of the world’s deepest natural freshwater ports, and entertains many tourists who flock to the town to enjoy several of its cultural festivals.

Here’s everything you need to know about this town, as well as what you can get up to whilst you’re there.

 Travel Guide To Parry Sound In Canada

The location of Parry Sound
You’ll find the town between Toronto and Sudbury. This makes for a great location to visit if you’re already heading over to Toronto and want to take a day trip or two over to Parry Sound.

Parry Sound is home to around 7,000 residents, and you’ll likely see a big influx of people in the area seasonally when it comes to the summer. They have a great selection of summer accommodation options, such as these Parry Sound cottage rentals worth exploring.

You won’t be short of choice when it comes to accommodation, but it is recommended you book in advance so as not to miss out.

The location of Parry Sound is considered by locals to be the heart of the 30,000 Islands. It makes up one of many across the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve.

The history
For those interested in the history of the town, Parry Sound was originally inhabited by the Ojibwe. It was later surveyed by Captain Henry Bayfield and named in the 19th century after the Arctic explorer Sir William Parry.

A few kilometers away lies Depot Harbour, considered a valued depot along the rail lines to the Western area of Canada; it has now known as a ghost town.

Climate expectations
When traveling over to Parry Sound, most will likely venture out there during the summer. From spring to mid-summer, you can take advantage of the swimmable waters available in the nearby lakes. It’s also the warmer of the months to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this town.

If you fancy visiting out of season and prefer a cooler climate, then you’ll want to travel in May where there’s the occasional sunshine. However, from September to January, you’ll experience cooler weather conditions in general.

Things to do in Parry Sound

So what might entice you to Parry Sound? If you’re heading over to Canada or you’re looking to do a stint in Canada where you travel to multiple places, then Parry Sound should be on your list. Here are some of the things you can get up to while in the town:

Killbear Provincial Park
Killbear Provincial Park is a beautiful park featuring a diverse environment. Each trail you go on is different from the others, and you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of wildlife and plant life throughout.

Buy a day pass, as you’ll tend to get a lot out of this park that will keep you occupied for the majority of the day itself. It’s a clean and well-marked park.

Norse Brewery
If you’re a big fan of beer and finding local breweries, then Norse Brewery is a great place to quench your thirst and discover some new local favorites. They produce some of the very best fine and organic beers.

While there might be a limited selection of beers, that does mean you get to enjoy the taste of each and every one of them! They also serve good food, which you should check out in order to soak up that beer.

Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre
The GNOAC offers a wealth of outdoor activities to keep you and your party entertained. Whether it’s just you solo traveling or enjoying a trip with your family, you’ll find plenty to do at this activity center. From skiing to biking and snowshoeing, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained. 

It’s only located five minutes north of Parry Sound, so very easy to get to.

Bobby Orr Hall Of Fame
If you enjoy sports, then you’ll enjoy Bobby Orr’s Hall of Fame. it’s an interesting museum that presents a wonderful collection of past and present hockey information. It's a useful place to learn about sporting history and the achievements made by citizens of Parry Sound in particular.

Parry Sound Cruise Line
Finally, for a sightseeing experience of the 30,000 Islands and Georgian Bay, make sure you catch a trip on the Parry Sound Cruise Line. They offer a range of dinner cruises, private charters, and sunset cruises. It’s a great place to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the town.

If you’re planning on traveling somewhere new this year, Parry Sound should be one to put on your bucket list.