Travel Round the World Like A VIP

by Bert Maxwell /
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Nov 20, 2011 / 0 comments

Is there anyone who would not want to go round the world like a VIP?  Regardless whether the trip is for business or for pleasure, everyone would like to be treated like a king on a trip.

However, with a limited budget and skyrocketing costs, this seems to be a reality reserved only for the wealthy.  For those who are travelling on a budget but would want to go round the world like a VIP, there are ways to be treated as close to royalty as possible.

Proper strategy actually can make the difference on just how pleasant your trip can be.  Many travellers do not realize that there are many perks and benefits that can be received for free when they travel round the world.  

The important thing is to have ample preparation not only when it comes to the destination but also to the reservations, as well as travel arrangements when planning to go round the world.  Keep in mind that the smart traveller always prioritizes value for money.

Value of Loyalty Round the World

In terms of travelling round the world, loyalty actually refers to the airline carrier as well as the hotels that you use.  Normally, when you use the same airline in your travels, you get benefits like free mileage or when you reach a certain number of points, free upgrades.  This means that even if you purchase an economy ticket, you have the chance of being bumped up to business class if you are a frequent flyer.

Moreover, in some instances, the free mileage will allow you to travel for free to particular destinations.  This means that the money that you save on your airfare can be used to get a more decent hotel room or take advantage of more services during your trip.  Arriving from business class and billeted at the penthouse suite can make you feel like a true VIP on your travel round the world.

The loyalty program offers more.  There are also some car rentals that provide these types of programs to frequent customers.  If you are using a rental, try to look for a company that has presence in major destinations around the world so that you can continue to patronize their service wherever you are.  It would truly add value to your travel round the world when you leave the hotel and go around in your rental 2-seater sports car.

World Connections

It is a given that some carriers do not have presence in all major tourist destinations round the world.  This means that your favorite airlines may not fly to the place you want to visit.  This does not mean that you lose privileges from your loyalty programs.  

Essentially, major airlines that do not travel to some parts of the world have connections with carriers in that area.  Those affiliates are more than willing to honor any loyalty programs with their affiliate airlines. In order to take advantage of these benefits when you travel round the world, you may need to solicit the services of a consolidator company.  

These types of companies normally receive preferred rates (lower than commercial) because they usually buy bulk business class tickets that result in discounts.  Those savings can be passed on to customers as a type of promotion or marketing strategy.  In most instances, frequent and new customers become the beneficiaries of such rate discounts.  This is a good way to beat the ticketing system on your way round the world.

Booking early will also allow you to travel round the world like a VIP.  Usually when you plan your trip early, you can get more discounts - not only on your airfare, but also on the accommodations as well as services in your destination.  However, travellers must realize that it is important to check rates frequently because there may be instances wherein the rates can go down even further, allowing you more value for your money as you go trotting round the world.

Right Season for Round the World Travel

There is no doubt that there are some peak seasons when it comes to travelling, regardless of whether it is done locally or internationally.  Frequent travellers realize that booking a flight as well as accommodations during these peak seasons also translates to higher cost of travel.  In the context of traveling round the world like a VIP, it is important to know the peak travel seasons in your destination so that you can plan your trip properly.

Be aware that some airlines allow travellers to book non-refundable business class tickets in advance at a significantly lower rate resulting in serious savings.  In some instances, the airlines tie up with local hotels and recreational facilities to offer package travel arrangements to allow you to go round the world like a VIP for a fraction of the cost.  

You must realize, though, that cheap packages like these normally run out pretty fast, which is why you must be constantly on the lookout for them as they are very limited. The right season to travel can also relate to the value of your money.  Undoubtedly, there are certain months of the year where the value of the dollar becomes higher.  

Be sure to research the exchange rate in your destination to make sure that you get peak value for your money.  Keep in mind that a $0.20 difference in the exchange rate can result in a $200 difference for every $1,000 you exchange.  That is a simple value for your money you must always keep in mind as you go round the world.

When you go round the world, it is never about how much money you spend.  Travelling round the world like a VIP is all about arriving, staying, and leaving in style.  Regardless of your reason for travelling round the world, remember that you can do it like a VIP for much less the costs with these tips.