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Top Ten Unique Places to Stay in New York

by Bert Maxwell / Jan 24, 2013 /
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Your itinerary is slightly booked, with enough room for serendipity. You've found the restaurants you want to experience, the neighborhoods you want to explore, and the museums you can't wait to get energized by. But where to stay? Whether you're a first time visitor to New York City, or an old hand, it's still a conundrum.

Learning Ojibwe with Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia

by Bert Maxwell / Oct 09, 2017 /
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Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia provides new materials for learning Ojibwe

Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia is a non-profit organization established

Traveling Internationally? 5 Things to Do Before You Go

by Bert Maxwell / Jul 19, 2017 /
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Are you planning an international trip? How exciting! It will be wonderful, and change your life. But you knew that… You’ve also got a lot to do to prepare before you head off to explore the world.

Here are 5 things you need to do before you travel internationally

Traveling Internationally? 5 Things to Do Before You Go

Las Vegas – Museum Town?!

by Bert Maxwell / Jun 15, 2017 /
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While most people hear Las Vegas and think glitz and stage glamour, seediness and bright lights, buffets and gambling, there is much more to this town than you think.

Hiking: 6 Things You Need to Know

by Bert Maxwell / Apr 24, 2017 /
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Hiking is a great outdoor adventure – you can explore nature to your heart’s content, travel to new places, and challenge your body and mind. But it isn’t easy – you need to be prepared in a variety of ways, as well as be aware of your environment at all times. There can be too many accidents.



Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Energy Up While Traveling

by Bert Maxwell / Jun 20, 2016 /
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We expect to get dragged down during a 2 day sortie around the world – getting from New York to Mumbai, for instance. And, we can plan and bring a bento, or snacks and plenty of hydration. But what about for shorter jaunts – a weekend away, on a road trip, or even a drive over to the ball game to see the Packers?

7 Extreme Adventures You Have to Experience Around the World

by Bert Maxwell / Mar 31, 2015 /
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Love the adrenaline and satisfaction of pursuing extreme adventures? Here are 7 great ones - ready?


Job posting: Research Assistant, Migrant Manuscripts, Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin

by Bert Maxwell / Mar 16, 2015 /
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Title: Research Assistant -- Migrant Manuscripts
Department: Department of History of Art
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Date Posted: Mar. 13, 2015
Direct Link:
Post Title: Research Assistant -- Migrant Manuscripts
Post Status: Fixed Term - 6 months (part-time; 20%)

7 Reasons to Skip Traditional Classroom Schooling

by Bert Maxwell / Mar 13, 2015 /
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Traditional classroom learning has its benefits. Interacting with like-minded individuals and talking to a professor one-on-one are major assets. However, with the emergence of online universities, studying via the Internet is now just as efficient. Here are a few reasons to skip the doldrums of going to class and go to school in the comfort of your own home.


Postdoc: Community Engaged Learning and Research, Macquarie University

by Bert Maxwell / Mar 02, 2015 /
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Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Community Engaged Learning and Research
Department: Education & Research
Institution: Macquarie University
Date Posted: Feb. 24, 2015
Direct Link:
Job no: 495458
Work type: Fixed term full time
Vacancy type: External Vacancy