A Unique Travel Passion: License Plates

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It’s fun how everyone collects something. Postcards, old coins, sea-glass, postage stamps - there are so many different things that can be saved. I myself have a collection, but it isn’t a common gathering of shiny pennies.


A license plate from Malaysia. It’s quite interesting that there has to be two lines.

A license plate from Malaysia. It’s quite interesting that there has to be two lines.


I collect pictures of license plates. Why license plates, you might ask? Well, they fascinate me. I love how every country has its own, unique pattern, and how every single one is different in some way.


Ireland License plate

A license plate from Ireland, one of my favourite countries. Notice the blue strip on the left hand side- all license plates in the EU have this, with their country's initials in the native language.


It’s amazing how special every license plate is, even those with the same countries country pattern. The different numbers and letters are such an impact, and even scratches and bumps make them special in their own way.


A license plate from Mykonos, Greece.

A license plate from Mykonos, Greece. I have never seen another one like it, and this is one of the prizes of my collection.


I try to take a picture of a license plate in every country that I visit. It’s a fun project that hardly takes up any time, and it often makes me more observant when I’m trying to find a really cool one. Usually there are two or three different patterns in every country, and I make it a bit of a treasure hunt to find them all, or at least what I consider to be the coolest one. When I find a new license plate, I often feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, and when I look at them later I often feel pride. I hope to continue doing this for many years to come, and if I have it my way, I will have many more countries to do it in.


Nevada license plate

A license plate from Nevada. I thought that it was quite fun how every state in America seemed to have a different design, and how all of them were very festive. More fun for me!




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