Visiting Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

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Sharm el-Sheikh has long been a favourite for many tourists, and the tourism minister is eager to stress that the fun in the sun is still available.

Hisham Zaazou has said that Egypt, which has recently come under Islamic rule, is confident that tourism will continue to drive the economy and, speaking on a visit to the United Arab Emirates, said, "Bikinis are welcome in Egypt, and booze is still being served."


Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

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At the height of its popularity, Egypt as a whole was welcoming nearly 15 million visitors a year to its shores. With the country targeting 30 million tourists by 2020, it is still a hugely popular destination.


Diving at Sharm el-Sheikh

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With so many things to do and see, as well as the amazing weather, it is perhaps little wonder that so many visitors keep coming back to Sharm el-Sheikh. With prices falling over recent years too, it is even more attractive to travelers.


Anyone heading here for the first time, though, should consider taking part in a few of these fun activities:


Scuba diving – this quite simply cannot be beaten for quality in the Red Sea. With many operators offering PADI courses through the year, crystal clear waters, and stunning coral reefs, many folks spend more time under the water than above it.


Diving Sharm el-Sheikh

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Spending time on the waves - the Sharm watersports rival those of anywhere else on Earth. Waterskiing, windsurfing, and kite surfing are all notable ways to pass the time.


A visit to Mount Sinai – this is said to be where Moses was handed the Ten Commandments by God, and is an inspiring visit. One tip is to take the hard route – 4,000 steps to the summit. A good three hours is generally needed, but the amazing panorama at the top is well worth it.


Mt. Sinai, Egypt

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St Catherine’s monastery – for those who fancy something a little less strenuous, this site in the foothills is another great place to soak up the local history and culture.


St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai

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Luxor and the Temple of Karnak - another must-see, and worth a day trip. The world's single largest religious settlement, its magnificence is simply awe-inspiring. A good stopping point for those visiting the Valley of the Kings too, modern day Egypt rightly celebrates its past with vigour.


It is fair to say that Egypt has had its political problems in the recent past, but as the country settles and there are great bargains to be had, visiting here has to be high on your must-see places list.