“Josh Recommends” for the week of July 16, 2021 by Josh Garrick

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“Josh Recommends” for the week of July 16, 2021 by Josh Garrick  

Final Weekend -- 

Heading to the Beach? Your Indispensable Packing List

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Heading to the beach? I can see it in your eyes…a day filled with laughter, play, surfing, paddling, sand castle-building, snacking, napping, and building memories. A day at the beach is one of those things that we long for, enjoy, and remember always. 

Five Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Yourself Online While Traveling

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The quarantine has lasted for what seems to be an eternity. But the vaccines were developed lightning-fast, and they've proven to be just as effective. As a result, people can't wait to roam outside freely, and travel agencies are overloaded with people booking their holidays. 

3 Tips And Ideas For A Unique Camping Experience

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One of the fondest memories of people growing up come from camping with family and friends. You just can’t help but smile whenever you think about the fun times you had whenever you go camping.

Even if you’re not a fan of outdoors, you can still enjoy camping and make the same memories with your family today. The key is to put some time and effort into planning your camping activities so that it can be a memorable, fun, safe, and stress-free experience for everyone.

The shapes of the magical northern lights

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From my "backyard" at Sortland, Vesterålen, Arctic Norway, just a 3 to 30 min drive from my home.

The shapes of the magical northern lights. Photographer Benny Høynes

The shapes of the magical northern lights. Photographer Benny Høynes

Read This: Hidden Gems of the Northern Great Lakes: A Trail and Paddling Guide

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We are SO excited to share an extraordinary new book by writer, photographer, and paddler Madeline Marquardt, entitled Hidden Gems of the Northern Great Lakes: A Trail and Paddling Guide. She has worked as a sea kayaking guide in the Apostle Islands, English teacher in Armenia, and paddled and hiked extensively throughout the Lake Superior Reg

Top Five Hidden Gems in Michigan for Hikers and Paddlers

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Publisher's note: We absolutely LOVE this book. Click here to read our author interview! 

Discover Canada: a Traveller’s Guide

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So you’re thinking of taking a trip to the Great White North, eh? Great choice! Canada is full of unforgettable experiences waiting to happen.

Of course, being the second-biggest country on Earth means that it’s unrealistic to think of Canada as just one destination. The landscapes, culture, towns and cities, and even the language vary across its 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles). And that’s before we get to the dramatic difference between visiting in summer and winter.

History Comes Alive at Colorado’s Vista Verde Ranch

by Sandy Bornstein / Apr 13, 2021 /
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As we drove on the long driveway, bounded by deep mounds of snow, leading into Colorado’s Vista Verde Ranch, I admired the pristine beauty of the dude ranch’s spectacular location, approximately 25 miles north of Steamboat Springs. I simultaneously began to wonder about the original settlers who were compelled to reside in this remote wilderness which is now surrounded mostly by the Routt National Forest.

Dreaming of Moving to Italy? Start here:

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Your dream is to move to where to begin?! This VIRTUAL crash course on how to move to Italy is one-on-one with Ashley & Jason Bartner (owners of La Tavola Marche), American expats living in Italy for almost 15 years. We personalize each workshop based on your goals, timeline, and questions, and offer you the tools & insider information you need for a successful start to your new life in Italy!