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Aare Ware Beach: An Indian Coastline’s Hidden Gem

Although I was born and raised in Mumbai, India, my mother’s village, Ratnagiri, is famous for its many tourist attractions, which include beaches, forts, temples, and monuments. My mother was born in Ratnagiri and spent quite a bit of time living there. Once every three months, I travel to Ratnagiri. Aare Ware beach is one of the beaches that not many people know about—but those who do, adore this beach. 

Aare Ware Beach: A Coastline’s Hidden Gem

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Onam: The Greatest Festival in Kerala

The greatest festival in my home country of India is Onam, celebrated in Chingam (Malayalam month), between August and September. King Mahabali was a popular ruler who controlled Kerala during a time of peace and abundance. It is believed that Mahabali visits every year during Chingam. It is a 10-day festival, and each day has its unique meaning.

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Sydney's Hidden Gems on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Sydney Harbour—a dazzling panorama of iconic landmarks and postcard-perfect beauty—beckons travelers worldwide. But for the discerning adventurer seeking an escape beyond the ordinary, a private yacht charter unlocks a treasure trove of hidden gems.

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Glasgow, Scotland: Spirits And Majesty

When the plane first broke below the cloud line, I was astonished by Scotland’s beauty. It was an emerald green puzzle of lush landscape in a thousand irregular squares. At the heart of Scotland’s surreal landscape were rolling green hills. Sheep, ponies, and small villages dotted the view like patches of wildflowers. I landed in Glasgow on a misty Wednesday morning. The entire town has a fascinating mix of old stone infrastructure and modern new conveniences.

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The Best Destinations in Switzerland for Educational Family Getaways

Thanks to its rich history and cultural diversity, Switzerland has the ideal setting for educational family getaways. Aside from exploring iconic landmarks, you can visit picturesque local villages to learn about Swiss traditions and customs. Moreover, Switzerland's emphasis on outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and cycling allows experiential learning while bonding with your kids in a breathtaking alpine setting.
Here are the best destinations in Switzerland for educational family getaways.
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Childhood Classics: 100 Years of Children's Book Illustrations Opens at Naples Art Institute

Naples Art Institute is thrilled to announce the opening of "Childhood Classics: 100 Years of Children's Book Illustrations" on May 11, 2024. This exhibition celebrates children's literature's rich history and enduring impact by showcasing the illustrations and illustrators behind beloved stories.

Childhood Classics: 100 Years of Children's Book Illustrations Opens at Naples Art Institute

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How To Find The Next Holiday Destination Using Social Media


In today's digitally interconnected world, social media platforms have become more than just avenues for sharing vacation photos and travel anecdotes. They've evolved into powerful tools for discovering new destinations, gathering travel inspiration, and planning luxurious getaways. With millions of users worldwide sharing their travel experiences in real-time, social media offers a treasure trove of information for those seeking to indulge in the art of travel in luxury.

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Visiting the Kew Gardens Orchid Festival

First and foremost, before we get into the how-tos and what to-dos about the annual Kew Gardens Orchid Festival, I want to give a small brief on what Kew Gardens is and what it shows to the public. 

Visiting the Kew Gardens Orchid Festival

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No Idea What To See In Warsaw? Here’s where to start...

Have no idea what to see in Warsaw? You’re not alone.

Most visitors basically do not go beyond the boundaries of Śródmieście, where the biggest attractions in Warsaw are located. I will show you five locally favorite places that may surprise you.

While first-time visitors might be surprised at the busyness around Central Station, there is so much more to see in town that will amaze you. Here's my list:

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3 types of meaningful holidays

In this fast-paced world, holidays are more needed than ever, offering a break from the daily grind. However, some of us yearn for something beyond a typical vacation - a more meaningful experience where you can gain personal growth or have positive impact on others’ lives. So, if that’s you, here are three types of holidays that promise more than just relaxation. 

3 types of meaningful holidays