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10 Things to do in Colorado

by Jackson Duckworth / Feb 11, 2014 /
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Mountains, camping, hiking, sand dunes, hot springs, history—Colorado has it all! A must visit for every extreme sports fanatic, nature lover, and the one who loves to just sit and enjoy themselves in a heavenly natural hot springs, there are endless reasons to travel to Colorado.

Chai and Travel

by Jackson Duckworth / Feb 01, 2014 /
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“If I were a salesman, I would try to sell travel to other people, because there's a whole world out there for people to experience,” Shane Duckworth says, his hands wrapped around a hot cup of traditional Indian Chai.

Creating a New World: Fallen Kingdoms

by Jackson Duckworth / Dec 10, 2013 /
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Lately I've been playing some RPGs, or role playing games. The most popular RPG—and probably my favorite—is called Dungeons and Dragons. One of my best friends, Samuel, first introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons.

Adventures in Ireland: To the Rainbow

by Jackson Duckworth / Dec 09, 2013 /
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I woke up suddenly—cold, wet dew from the grass soaking into my clothes. Something didn't feel right. Sleepily, I looked down. My eyes opened wide. Instead of the pajamas I had put on moments before, I was wearing a lightweight white tunic with a leather belt and thick, scratchy stockings. I looked around wildly, my drowsiness completely gone.

Foodie Finds: 3 Meals in Montrose, Colorado

by Jackson Duckworth / Dec 05, 2013 /
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If you happen to be visiting Montrose, Colorado for a day and need a good meal or two, I bring you three meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your meals before heading off into the great unknown of beautiful western Colorado.


Breakfast: The Coffee Trader

The Coffee Trader is a locally-owned restaurant located at 845 East Main Street. Housed in a turn-of-the-century home, this wonderful coffee shop contains all your early morning desires, such as a cup of hot coffee and a freshly baked muffin.


Land of the Ring

by Jackson Duckworth / Dec 04, 2013 /
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Montrose, Colorado is surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys, making it a beautiful, serene place. Amazingly, I happen to live here. Colorado, I feel, is the epitome of the classic fantasy world, with stunning mountains, glens, forests, and all that good stuff.

10 Tips for Trekking in Nepal

by Jackson Duckworth / Dec 04, 2013 /
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In May 2010, my family and I went to Nepal for a month. Over the course of that month, we traveled all across Nepal, but the highlight—for me, anyways—was trekking in the beautiful Khumbu region.

It's All About The Swords

by Jackson Duckworth / Nov 17, 2013 /
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I like swords. Yes, it's true—I love sharp weapons that could possibly kill me with one slip-up. But I don't tend to think of that too often. And not only do I love swords, but I collect them, too! I have all kinds of weapons, and I will show you a few of them.

Walking the Autumn Green Belt

by Jackson Duckworth / Nov 16, 2013 /
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Colorado is a beautiful place. In my opinion, however, it is the most beautiful in autumn. Leaves change their colors, and a cool breeze settles over the mountains and surrounding areas, chilling the body and freshening the soul. I love writing in autumn.

The Advantages of Being a Globally-Minded Writer

by Jackson Duckworth / Oct 26, 2013 /
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~Travel Writing:

My definition of travel writing is different than many other people's definition. I don't mean just blogging and sharing my experiences. But more like capturing the essence and culture of that placeand adding it to a story.