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Reading About Nova Scotia and Campobello

by pen4hire / Jun 24, 2017 /
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This summer, my sister and I took a road trip together around Nova Scotia. We were limited to six days, which was about twenty days less than we wanted to have, but we found this Canadian province to be packed with beautiful landscapes and seascapes, historic forts, M'ikmaq Indian lore, Scottish music, well preserved Victorian towns, small fishing villages and more lobster and scallops on our plates that even we who love our seafood could eat.

Seeing Real Navajos at the Swap Meet

by pen4hire / Apr 23, 2011 /
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Books (and movies) for the Arab World in Troubled Times

by pen4hire / Apr 08, 2011 /
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Haak’u, The Place Prepared

by pen4hire / Feb 12, 2011 /
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What is the Perfect French Movie?

by pen4hire / Jan 24, 2011 /
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But surely everyone has seen Amelie?

The Best New Travel Books from A Traveler's Library

by pen4hire / Dec 13, 2010 /
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A Traveler's Library in July

by pen4hire / Aug 11, 2010 /
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When you were a child did you go to the library and get stickers on a construction paper rocket ship or covered wagon in the summer?

March Reads at A Traveler's Library

by pen4hire / Apr 12, 2010 /
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January Reads at A Traveler's Library

by pen4hire / Feb 10, 2010 /
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Ten Oldies and Ten New Books to Make You Travel

by pen4hire / Jan 19, 2010 /
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In the first year, I shared with readers some of my favorite books.  Some were old chestnuts that had been on my shelf for a long time. Others were brand new books that publishers sent to me for reviews. Keep in mind that at A Traveler’s Library, books get to the top of the pile by luring us to travel. They tell us, in fact or fiction about faraway places or even nearby places that sound so good, we have to go there. The authors, in any case, would shudder at the thought of being categorized as travel literature, but if they make us want to travel, they make our lists.