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Mar 17, 2009 / 1 comments

I got the coolest new book!  It is called Steampotville, and was discovered by Steve Ouch. I like this book because it makes me laugh!  You can also travel to any place you want to, just in your imagination.

I had fun discovering new things in Steampotville. Did you know that the old-fashioned scale changes words in every picture?  It was so funny that I almost laughed my heart out. That little teapot paper is so hilarious and I Love it. I like the pictures, and the jokes, and some dogs were wearing costumes! One cow was jumping on a couch, and the hippo was balancing on a log. There are so many pages to look at, and each time you read it, you find new things. At the end of the book, there are two funny parts. One is a Super-Real Hyper-Spectaculous Quite-Mesmerizing Pocket-Sized (when folded properly) Official Paper so that I am now an Official Member of Steampotville. YAY! The other is a gallery of all the animals in the book - you can make their noises (or make up new ones for them) and then find them in the book.

The art in this book inspired me! It looks funny and cool and I have been doing more collages since I read this book. I love art and do it every day. This book makes me laugh and think.


Steampotville - Steve Ouch


My mom and I visited with Steampotville's discoverer, Steve Ouch. His website is funny and you can even see a video of him reading his book! I asked him some questions about Steampotville:



LF: Are you this silly in real life?

SO: Who me? Um..... Is that question for me, I'm not silly. I'm Shamboodled.



LF: How did you think of that art?

SO: I closed my eyes and tried to imagine a world that I never saw before. I
normally started with a cow and tried to pretend it was somewhere strange.
Soon enough I was seeing that cow on mars, in my soup (eeewww) and under my pillow. Now when I close my eyes, I go to different worlds. SteamPotVille
is one of them. What would it be like if your house was underwater right now.
Imagine that? You might see dolphins outside your windows.



Steampotville - Steve Ouch


LF: Why did you name it Steampotville?

SO: As a child I spend a great deal of time on my Grandparents farm on the
confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone river. These rivers are wild
rivers and flood often. I remember finding a old rusted cowboy coffee pot
on the ground in the middle of nowhere. When I ask my grandfather about it he said it was a SteamPot that must of got caught in the flood. The name stuck with me. Many of the titles I have for books come from childhood memories.



LF:  At the end, the paper from the mayor, I laughed so hard. Why did you do that?

SO: Everyone should live in SteamPotVille. Now it's official :)



LF: Do you like to make collages?

SO: I love to make collages! I started when I was 17 years old and have been doing them ever since.


Steampotville - Steve Ouch



LF: Where do you live? In Steampotville?

SO: SteamPotVille Internet Headquarters (SIH) is housed at My physical headquarters is housed at Bufftown,



WE: Thanks so much, Steve! Your book is sure a huge hit in this house. We can't put it down, and even keep it in the car for long drives where we need to laugh!  

For more information on Steampotville, and to get your very own copy, please visit:

You can also read more about Steve Ouch on his blog,

And follow him on twitter:



Steampotville - Steve Ouch


All images courtesy and copyright of Steve Ouch

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