Book Review: Explore Within An Egyptian Mummy

by Lillie Forteau / Nov 05, 2009 /
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I want to share one of my favorite books with you! I love Ancient Egypt and this is a really fun book to play with. It is called Explore Within an Egyptian Mummy: Enter an Ancient Tomb and Unwrap an Egyptian Mummy! It is published by Silver Dolphin Books, one of our favorite kids book publishers.

The book is a combination of reading and seeing. I mean, you can read on each page about the mummy, ancient Egypt, culture, gods, and HOW to create a mummy. And then, the book is also a way to see each level of the mummy, from sarcophagus lid to the bottom. The book is cut out in the middle to house the sarcophagus!

And it shows the whole mummy - from the top to the very inside. Each page is a layer in the mummy. First you take off the lid of the sarcophagus. Then you take off the mask. Then you see the amulets, and then the mummy itself (covered). Then you take off the wrappings and you see the corpse. After you take away the mummy, you can see the canopic jars as well as the painting on the bottom of the sarcophagus.


Explore within an Egyptian Mummy


I like this book because it shows you all of the pieces of a mummy, and teaches you about ancient Egypt. I love Egypt, so I am always happy to learn more.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn about Mummies, how they are made, and the history, religion, and culture surrounding them.

It is fun to look at it - the mummy corpse is especially shrunken! This book is never put away because I am always looking at it.

If you want to play at mummifying a corpse online, you can go to the website of the Oriental Institute and do a mummification game.  It's a perfect way to practice what you've learned from the book.


Explore Within an Egyptian Mummy
by Lorraine Jean Hopping

Silver Dolphin Books

ISBN13: 9781592237463
ISBN10: 1592237460 



L Forteau is the Special Children's Reporter for Wandering Educators.

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