Matthew Loves to Play Nintendo Game Cube

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Book Review: Matthew Loves to Play Nintendo Game Cube


Life was never going to be easy for Matthew. Nine years ago Matthew was born with cerebral palsy and has spent most of his life in a wheelchair. However, as the story in the book relates ,this is no hindrance to Matthew doing what he wants and having fun. Apart from zooming around on his wheels, the thing he loves doing best is playing his Nintendo games. However homework must come first and then there are a few chores around the house to take care of. When the jobs are done, Mat can change into something comfy, sit in front of the TV and choose a Nintendo game to play. Matthew’s favourite game is called ‘Snowboarder’ and Mat dreams of one day racing down a snow-covered mountain on a snowboard.

This is an engaging tale penned with much love -  and reading between the lines,  it is plain to see the book was  written by somebody who has a great deal of empathy for children of special needs, Matthew included. Author Sherry Chase has worked in this challenging and rewarding field for almost twenty years and clearly felt so inspired by the young man’s courage, positive attitude and spirit that she has written a book about him.

This book will appeal to children of all reading ages and offers an insight into a world many of them are oblivious to. The story comes alive in the vibrant illustrations which are in full technicolour. A few blank pages have been included so young readers can add their own remarks and drawings.


Matthew Loves to Play Nintendo Game Cube



Matthew Loves to Play Nintendo Game Cube
Sherry Chase                                                                                                    
Illustrated by Beth Zyglowicz   
AuthorHouse Publishing (August 5, 2011)                                                            
ISBN-10: 1463444605  ISBN-13: 978-1463444600
Price: $10.00                                    
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