Advantages of Touring Europe by Rail

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 23, 2008 /
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Europe is famous for its rail services, so very different from here in the U.S., where rail was conceived to haul freight. If you're headed to Europe and want to travel by rail, let's talk about some advantages of touring Europe by rail...


European Road Trip: Germany's Romantic Road

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 23, 2008 /
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Romantische Strasse

One of the best ways to experience Europe is to travel Europe by car. You can explore the back roads, find unique shops, local food, and a variety of vineyards, history, art, and culture.

Foodie Finds: The 7 Best Places to Eat in St. Cloud, Minnesota

by Dana Buttenhoff / Jun 22, 2008 /
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The St. Cloud area of Minnesota is a regional center for commerce, county government (being the county seat of Stearns county), as well as the home of St. Cloud State University. Near St. Cloud are Waite Park, Sartell, Sauk Rapids as well as St. Joseph, which is the home of the College of St. Benedict, a Catholic liberal arts college for women and Collegeville, which is home to St. John's University, a Catholic liberal arts college for men.

Hidden Treasures: Prayer in an Uzbek Taxi

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Emerging from the Kyrgyz immigration post I took a few steps across wet pavement to the Uzbek side of the border. The morning rain had just let up and the day was beginning to look nice. It was looking nice, that is, until I handed my passport to an Uzbek official. Moments earlier I had spoken with a Kyrgyz officer who had been kind — unexpectedly, he had even walked me to the border and wished me a good journey. But with the man now thumbing through my passport there was no greeting, no eye contact, no interest. It was as if his uniform had devoured his humanity.

A Global Conversation

by Johanna Kato / Jun 20, 2008 /
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Gone is the day when talking about the environment was solely for hippy tree-huggers. The discussion has expanded from science labs and legislation to classrooms and the workplace. It’s on your morning news and has shaped a good part of our presidential election.

We are clearly at crucial time in the story of our earth. With much to be decided about the future for this mother of ours and with all of her children feeling like they know what’s best -- it was only a matter of time for the conversation to truly turn global for the everyman.

Foodie Finds: The 7 Best Places to Eat in New York City

by Gil Kreiter / Jun 19, 2008 /
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My Seven Favorite Restaurants in New York


Advice from a local: 7 Favorite restaurants in New York City

The Directory of International Internships

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 19, 2008 /
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Michigan State University announces the 6th Edition of the Directory of International Internships, published in collaboration with the Office of International Studies and Programs and the Center for Educational Business and Research (CIBER) of the Eli Broad College of Business. The Directory will be released in early 2009.

Book Review of the week: Best Travel Writing 2008

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I just love to read travel writing. I bought the 2008 Best Travel Writing book because our very own Chief Editor, Joel Carillet, won first place in it! As I was reading this wonderful book, I was continually amazed by the high-quality writing, as well as the depth and breadth of the essays, spanning both the globe and many cultures.