Swamp Cabbage Rodeo and Festival

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 Feb. 20-22, 2009 – Swamp Cabbage Festival and Rodeo, LaBelle, 863-675-0125. On Saturday the 21st: Swamp Stomp/5K Run, 9am; Swamp Cabbage Festival Parade, 10am; Armadillo Races, Barron Park, 11am- 4pm; NASGRASS Lawn Mower Racing, 2pm

Swamp Cabbage Festival

Join tens of thousands of festival visitors in celebrating "Swamp Cabbage," the heart of the Sabal Palm (Florida's State Tree). Savor the flavor of this delicacy prepared in any edible form like fritters or with Everglades Seasoning (manufactured right here in LaBelle) and bacon or salt pork.

The Swamp Cabbage Festival has been around since 1967 and every year it gets bigger and better. There is something for everyone because the whole town gets involved. There are queens and princesses, dances, parades, country and gospel music, armadillo races, rodeos, quilt show, arts and crafts, antique cars, activities at the airport, Seminole Indian food and crafts and good eating with great southern flavor.

A pioneer family is honored every year, chosen from a family with roots in LaBelle and showing a true pioneer spirit. A grand marshal, chosen because of loyalty and dedication to LaBelle and her citizens leads the parade and kicks off the weekend festivities.

So, join the crowd and have some good old hometown fun at LaBelle's Swamp Cabbage Festival.

For more information, please see: http://www.floridafreshwaterfrontier.com/