The Art of High-Value Eating - A Contest and Conversation

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Jun 25, 2009 / 0 comments

The Art of High-Value Eating - A Contest and Conversation

Exploring local foods is one of the great pleasures of travel.  Around theworld, the ways in which people eat and the dishes they serve speak volumesabout local culture and history.

And often, some of the most satisfying, longest-lasting impressions are madenot by high-priced, formal dining affairs, but those inexpensive, down-home,authentic, eye-opening meals that deliver an educational experience thatgoes well beyond the food on the plate.

And when the bill comes ­ at a fraction of what you expected - you feel like
you've won a prize.

These are the types of eating experiences and stories that Audrey and Dan -
the traveling couple behind Uncornered Market  - are attempting to collect
through their "Best Value Eating Experience" contest.

How to participate?  Share your story as a comment to this post:

If you do, you'll have a chance to win $150 to spend on anything at


Uncornered Market -

measuring the Earth with our feet...

is a REALLY cool site -  we're going to feature them soon, so check back!