Honoring Loved Ones with a Memorial At Sea

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Newburyport, MA | Wondering what to do with the "cremains" of a loved one? Send them off with a memorial at sea. Join Jesse Kalfel, author of So You're Cremated . . . Now What?, for an ash scattering ceremony off the Newburyport coastline on Saturday, September 26, on board the Yankee Clipper.
Organized in collaboration with Harbor Tours, Newburyport, Kalfel's unusual ocean cruise coincides with the launch of his book.


so you're cremated...now what?


"We must, as human beings, have a ritual and meaningful closure  after someone dear to us has passed away. We need that memorializing," said Kalfel. "Many people struggle with how to achieve that when there isn't a traditional burial or funeral ceremony."

When his 97-year-old mother expressed her wish to be cremated rather than buried, Kalfel was inspired to research and consider the options for handling cremated remains, whether they're one's own or the ashes of a loved one. And his lighthearted book presents information and ideas in a way that makes the serious topic so approachable that it could end up being the central conversation for your next family reunion or a night out with friends.

Kalfel's "So I've Got These Ashes And Need To Do Something With Them" cruise provides a way for people to memorialize their loved ones, including pets, with a nondenominational ceremony at sea. It also provides an opportunity for people who had ashes left to them with no instructions. Participants are encouraged to bring photos to share with others on board.

The 2 hour cruise will depart from the west end of the Newburyport Boardwalk (next to the Black Cow Restaurant) at 10:30 am on Saturday, September 26. The first 40 people to register will be able to join this cruise. The cost is $25.00. All proceeds go towards the cost of hiring the boat.

If you are interested in participating, contact Jesse at events[at]crematednowwhat.com.
To learn more about Kalfel's book, visit http://www.creamtednowwhat.com. For more information about Harbor Tours, visit http://www.harbortours.com.