Exciting Vietnam Guide

by Millie Smith / Jul 21, 2010 / 0 comments

You may be planning on trying to take a break from your hectic work schedule and do some traveling to relax and relieve some stress. Everyone loves being able to explore new places in the world and experiencing something new on their vacation. If you are trying to decide the perfect place to go, you should try a Vietnam adventure.

Vietnam offers a variety of exciting experiences for anyone. If you love exploring the different architectural styles throughout different cities in the world, you will love seeing some of the French influence on some of the buildings in Vietnam. You can see the most of this in the capital of Vietnam called Hanoi and in sapa vietnam. For those who are really into anything kind of sports that deals with water, you will definitely want to visit the Mekong Delta. Here, you can find a huge range of different water sports. You can also visit the One-Pillar Pagoda. This pagoda was built in 1049.

While visiting the city of Hue, you can visit a palace where you can actually see an original throne. This is located in the Thai Hoa Palace. In the Imperial City, which is located in Hue, you can visit a huge variety of attractions. These attractions include everything from museums to temples.

In Ho Chi Minh City, you will find palaces, museums, temples and even a cathedral. The Notre Dame Cathedral is another example where the French had a great influence of different architecture throughout Vietnam. For anyone who loves reliving history, you must visit the War Remnants Museum. In this museum, they actually have various older aircraft that you can see.

You are sure to find some kind of Vietnam adventure to do for your family to enjoy. This will be one of your best vacations of your lifetime.

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